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Zombies find love with ‘Warm Bodies’

Cheyenne Makinia, Photography Editor
February 6, 2013
Filed under 4Play

Dating is hard enough for humans, but the romance between the two main characters in “Warm Bodies” is bizarre. If the post-zombie apocalyptic world still had Facebook, their statuses would be “in a relationship and it’s complicated.” A relationship between a human and a zombie would be complicated enough. Plus, our leading man is the same zombie who ate our leading lady’s late boyfriend.

“Warm Bodies” breaks away from traditional zombie movies with its comedic and romantic story-line based off of Isaac Marion’s novel of the same title.

R, played by Nicholas Hoult, is a zombie struggling to understand the apocalyptic world he lives in. He knows nothing of who he was or what he is now. R communicates through grunts and moans with other zombies, including best friend, M, played by Rob Corddry.

R’s life is simple enough for a zombie, but everything changes when he goes out to grab a bite to eat with M. The two of them run into Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, and her group of friends. Julie is the daughter of General Grigio, a zombie-hating militant. R finds Julie and her friends scavenging for medical supplies for the group of survivors they live with.

R makes a meal out of Julie’s boyfriend, and through eating his brain absorbs his victim’s memories, which helps him learn about Julie.

R decides to spare Julie and disguise her as a zombie. An unusual friendship forms between the two, and R begins a surprising change.

R’s heart slowly starts to reanimate like the Grinch’s heart from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” And as with “The Grinch,” his heart is shown to grow several sizes. While this doesn’t necessarily flow with the rest of the movie’s imagery, the imagery conveys the message well enough.

Julie seems to quickly forget about her boyfriend, even though they were most likely together for quite some time. R meanwhile needs to protect Julie from his zombie friends, who, like most zombies, want to eat her.

Julie brings R to see her dad who would like nothing more than to shoot all zombies in their heads. The relationship between R and Julie sets in motion a series of events that will change the world they’ve come to know.

If you’re looking for a gory zombie movie, then “Warm Bodies” isn’t the movie for you. It has changed the traditional characteristics of zombies like the “Twilight” series changed the image of vampires.

The story is shown from the zombie’s perspective instead of the human’s. R struggles to impress Julie, and is always giving self-reminders, such as, “don’t be creepy.” Deep down he’s still a typical guy, but struggles to communicate.

Some movie trailers give away all of the funny scenes, leaving the audience unsatisfied and bored. “Warm Bodies” has more laughs and surprises to offer than can be found in its trailer. The music adds humor throughout the movie as well.

If you’re looking for a entertaining unusual movie to see during these cold months, then “Warm Bodies” is worth putting on your list of must-see films this winter. The movie is a good balance of zombie horror and a romantic comedy without too much of either.