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Game reviewers play around on YouTube

Sarah Chayer, 4Play Writer
March 27, 2013
Filed under 4Play

4Play takes a look at the best gamer vlogs on the net


Who doesn’t enjoy listening to a crabby, bearded, 20-something man with the spirit of a middle-aged hobo grumble about some of the worst games ever made? Brutalmoose does just that. He has the attitude of a stick in the mud, trying to make a second-rate game sound horrible, and he has so much fun doing it. He picks apart video games, including “Escape from Bug Island” and points out as many ridiculous flaws as he humanly can. Everyone’s a critic, so why not laugh at this guy’s gabs?


Marketing himself as “just a guy from Sweden,” Pewdiepie has created a popular “Let’s Play” YouTube channel featuring play-throughs of different games in their entirety. He originally started with horror games like “Amnesia” and introduced a picture-in-picture so the viewer could see him jumping and shrieking in real time. Pewdiepie has expanded his video game horizons by taking on both lesser-known indie games like “Ib” as well as fan favorites like “Kingdom Hearts.” But no matter the game, viewers will always hear the infamous, terrified screech from the funniest scaredy-cat on the Internet.


Accompanied by his feathered, avian friend Jacques, JonTron often opts to play vintage video games on old consoles, mainly Super Nintendo. Some of his top reviews include “Monster Party” and “Nightshade.” He plays through games for fun and uses outrageous voices that you can’t restrain laughing at rather than  rating them.

His channel is more about entertainment than education as it is extremely hilarious to watch him freak out and smash a game “Office Space” style.

Press Heart to Continue

Dodger, a young and attractive woman with red hair and a sparkling personality, hosts her own gaming news show. She gets an edge in two ways. One: she’s a girl. Not many other female gamers are represented on the Internet. Two: she shares news about the world of gaming, such as upcoming releases, rather than posting reviews or walk-throughs.

Guys, this is the girl you want to be friends with, but expect to get your butt handed to you in a “Mortal Kombat” match.

The Completionist

Jirard is the Completionist — he completes everything within the worlds of video games, including all bonuses and extras. Greg is the Mediocre-ist — he skims the surface of games, just like the average person would.Together, they play through games and analyze them on four aspects: story, presentation, game play and final level. With all that taken into consideration, the Completionist rates games using his unique scale: complete it, finish it, play it, look at it and burn it. Burn it was created for one specific game review: “Imagine Wedding Designers,” which was dubbed an insult to both video games and wedding designers.