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Special edition Red Bull re-energizes brand

Dylan Dobson, 4Play Editor
April 17, 2013
Filed under 4Play

It’s no secret that many college students are addicted to caffeine. With energy drinks being a popular method of choice for acquiring the much loved stimulant, and Red Bull being among the most prominent of these drinks, our interest at 4Play was peaked upon hearing of the new special Red, Silver and Blue editions of the popular beverage. We decided to try each of them in order to give readers all the tantalizing details.


First is the Red Edition. This beverage is labeled as cranberry flavored, and resembles Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash in texture and flavor. The weird after-taste of taurine is most offensive in this beverage, but what is most surprising is the choice in flavor. When will companies stop making cranberry-flavored soda, and who thought that a cranberry energy drink was a good idea? Instead the company could have gone with something more conventional, such as cherry, or something daring like cinnamon.


The Silver Edition is perhaps the best of the bunch. This Red Bull is the most acidic of the special flavors, which helps to mask the flavor of taurine. This is also the special edition beverage that most resembles classic Redbull. The Silver Edition has a hint of lime to it, resulting in a drink that tastes a lot like a nonalcoholic margarita. Blending a can or two of Silver Edition with ice and a bit of salt would be a great way to stay refreshed and energized this summer.


The Blue Edition is labeled as blueberry. It’s a lot smoother than the average energy drink lacking the acidity that aficionados of classic Red Bull will be accustomed to. However, there’s something odd about the drink’s flavor. Yes, it tastes like blueberry, but there’s also an oddly chemical taste apparent that may turn a few people away. This version of Red Bull will probably appeal to the Mountain Dew crowd as it resembles some of that brand’s more obscure limited edition drinks.