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Cyrus wreaks havoc

Hannah Hacker, 4Play Editor
September 19, 2013
Filed under 4Play

Miley Cyrus released her risqué music video for her new single “Wrecking Ball” Sept. 9.

The song is from Cyrus’s new album “BANGERZ” that will be available Oct. 4.

A word of caution: watch this music video at your own risk.

“Wrecking Ball” starts with a close-up of Cyrus’s heavily mascaraed face as a single tear trickles down her cheek, which is a bad enough beginning.  Then the video just gets worse.

The rest of the music video depicts Cyrus in a couple alarming situations.

First, Cyrus gets kinky with a sledge hammer, licking it like a large lollipop.  She stares at the viewer lustily, as if that’s supposed to be a turn on.

No, Cyrus.  Just no.

There are several shots of Cyrus straddling a very large wrecking ball, completely naked, except for her brown boots.  Apparently her feet were cold.

For the rest of the music video, she has temper tantrums and smashes walls with her saliva-tainted mallet.

There seems to be nothing  Cyrus won’t do to draw attention after the reveal of her nude photos back in 2010, even if it’s negative attention.  And director Terry Richardson, along with her producers and stage crew, seem to have no problem with allowing her to attract this harmful notice.

Also, there was her recent twerking escapade with Robin Thicke and the nightmarish teddy bears.

Cyrus seems to have completely abandoned her innocent façade for a good-girl-turned-naughty reputation that follows her like Pepe Le Pew’s bad odor.


This is unfortunate, since “Wrecking Ball” itself isn’t half-bad.  The use of a wrecking ball as a metaphor for a destructive relationship is rather creative.

And even though the music isn’t original, or her voice that good or unique, Cyrus would have probably topped the charts.  She had enough of a fan base, and there would have probably been enough tweens that would have related with the song’s lyrical content.

Now the music video is only topping the charts because Cyrus is pushing society’s buttons.

Even though her exploits are gaining her publicity, they aren’t gaining her respect as a musician.  Public esteem is more important at the end of the day, especially when her audience starts to get sick of her childish antics.

Though she may have the right to self-expression, even if it is in the form of licking or straddling construction tools, her audience also has the option to not tolerate and indulge in her shameless capers.