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Wanelo, first online mall

Bailey Stellmacher, 4Play Writer
September 19, 2013
Filed under 4Play

Imagine if everything a person has ever wanted, needed or  loved for clothes could be found and bought in a single store.

In essence, that is what Wanelo is.

Wanelo, short for Want Need Love, is a website that showcases just about every product a person could ever want or need. The website has also turned into a wildly successful App in the Apple App Store.

In the past year alone, 9 million people have registered an account on the website or app. Now, a total of 10 million people are spending an average of 50 minutes per day browsing through products.

This has gotten the attention of some famous chain stores, such as Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret. In fact,  200,000 stores currently sell their products on Wanelo.

When a user creates an account, they can choose other people or stores to follow. Similar to Twitter, each user has a feed of products that people they follow have posted or saved.

“I wanted to know what my friends shopped for and what things they liked,” Deena Varshavskaya, founder of Wanelo, said in The New York Times. “But none of the current social media sites were good for shopping.”

Wanelo isn’t just a useful tool for women who enjoy online shopping. There is a wide variety of products for men on the site, as well as a specific section called Manelo. This section includes outfits for a variety of activities.

Wanelo is a lot like Pinterest, except instead of Do-It-Yourself projects or future wedding ideas, Wanelo showcases clothing and other things that are for sale. Like Pinterest, users can save products to different collections, such as Things I Want as Gifts or Epic Wishlist.

Finding products users want to save to collections is extremely easy. There are three feeds of what is trending or popular, based on how expensive the product is, along with a feed of products saved by stores or people the user is following.

Users can also search for specific items.  It’s a simple type and click to that favorite pair of overalls.

Once a user has decided they want to buy a product, all that needs to happen is a single click on the Buy button, and the user will be taken straight to the website where the product is sold.

This is much less complicated than Pinterest, because when users click on a product, they could be brought to a website, a different board or blog. On Wanelo, every single item is for sale.

This website will be very helpful for a lot of people as the Christmas season starts approaching. Many people have a hard time finding gifts their family or friends would like, but if their family and friends are Wanelo users, quality gifts will be much easier to come by.

One quick look at a user’s Epic Wishlist can generate multiple gift ideas. Instead of having to search long and hard for a perfect present for someone, it can literally be right at the fingertips.

Wanelo is a really great online shopping resource. Users can find the same products sold from different places, so effective cost-comparing is made extremely easy. Even if users plan on never actually buying anything, it’s still a fun way to pass time.