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Arctic Monkeys release trippy new video

Bailey Stellmacher, 4Play Editor, Commentary
March 25, 2014
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Earlier this month, the popular UK-based band Arctic Monkeys released the music video for their song “Arabella.” The single is part of the band’s fifth studio album, “AM,” which was released in September 2013.

The plotline for the music video is fairly simple. Throughout the entire video, the band is shown performing for a small crowd and partying with them.

It has a really trippy feel to it with the camera being shaky throughout while in the party setting.

It’s also shot in black and white, though that isn’t necessarily surprising to Arctic Monkeys fans because the majority of the band’s recent music videos have been in black and white as well.

Frontman Alex Turner again looks like he could have walked straight out of the ‘60s with his leather jacket and greased-back hair, but the music has a much more ‘80s Black Sabbath feel to it.

The main guitar riff of “Arabella” actually sounds strikingly similar to Black Sabbath’s hit from way back in the day, “War Pig.”

The lyrics, however, are quite different. “Arabella” is about a woman the singer has a pretty desperate infatuation with, including lyrics like “It’s an exploration she’s made of outer space/And her lips are like the galaxy’s edge/And her kiss the color of a constellation falling into place.”

The music video was released just a few weeks after the 2014 Brit Awards, where Arctic Monkeys performed their single “R U Mine?” and took home trophies for Best British Group and Best British Album of the year.

“Arabella” and the rest of Arctic Monkeys’ music videos can be found on their YouTube channel.