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‘Believe’ an unbelievably average drama

Chase Pendzich, 4Play Writer, Commentary
March 25, 2014
Filed under 4Play

After the never-ending buildup surrounding “Believe,” NBC’s new drama, has finally begun. The show was created by recent Oscar winner for Best Director for his film “Gravity,” Alfonso Cuaron.

“Believe” centers around a young girl named Bo (Johnny Sequoyah, first credited role), whose unbelievable powers are fought over by different groups.

One faction wants the child to grow up and live her life, another wants to turn her into a weapon while  the final is dedicated to keeping the young girl safe.

After Bo’s foster parents are murdered by the people who want to use her powers as a weapon, the leader of the group wanting to keep her safe decides to hire someone to protect her.

The leader hires Tate (Jake McLaughlin, “Warrior,” 2011), who broke out of prison.

The series follows Bo and Tate’s adventures while they escape the evil group.

Bo has many extraordinary abilities, from telekinesis to mind reading. She understands what she is capable of and attempts to help each person she meets who is struggling with their life in some way.

These scenes are where the kindheartedness of the series really comes out. The show is a mixture of explosive action and touching stories.

This combination makes “Believe” unique, though it isn’t executed very well. The show bites off a lot more than it can chew in some of these scenes, but it does shine in others. The suspense and the acting make the show interesting to watch.

Sequoyah is everything you could want from a child actor. She’s both believable and heartfelt. A big part of each episode is the banter between her character and McLaughlin’s. It can be overdone at times, but it’s still done well.

The series is not NBC’s best, but it’s still in an enjoyable program. With great acting from a new up-and-coming child star to the suspenseful action sequences, it’s a show worth checking out.

“Believe” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.