Zach Ostrowski Advertising Manager

Zach Ostrowski is a 5th year senior Business Administration major. He has a strong interest in music and has been playing guitar in a band most of my high school and college career. Zach previously wrote concert reviews and band interviews for the Fourth Estate every couple of weeks over the past year or so.

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Dylan Dobson 4Play and Off-the-Wall Editor

Dylan is the most dapper review columnist the Fourth Estate has ever claimed. Hailing from the mysterious depths of The Void, this Senior Communication-Journalism major enjoys fine herbal teas, French noir films, the works of Etgar Keret, and sardonically doubting that anyone will ever read this bio.

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Cheyenne Makinia Photography Editor

Cheyenne Makinia, Junior communication major with emphasis in photography, journalism, and public relations and a studio arts minor, is the photography editor for the Fourth Estate. She is from Ladysmith, WI. Cheyenne is involved in the Student Ambassador program, Circle K, Provost Advisory Council, and National Resident Hall Honorary.

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Jared Christman News Editor and Social Media Manager

Jared Christman is the news editor and social media manager of the Fourth Estate. A senior, Jared has been with the paper since transferring to UW-Green Bay in spring 2012. He has worked with several sections on the paper, previously serving as Off the Wall editor and as an entertainment writer as well. He has also contributed articles to the opinion and 4Play sections as well.
Before coming to UW-Green Bay, Jared spent his first two and a half years of college at UW-Whitewater, where he wrote for the news section of the school’s newspaper, The Royal Purple.
Jared also spent a semester interning with CBS News in Washington D.C. in spring 2011. Currently, Jared is finishing up his undergraduate studies, majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. He hopes to get a job producing for a local news station before returning to Washington D.C. in a few years.

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Nicole Lasee Entertainment Editor

Whose that lady? (whose that lady?)

A Jack of all Trades, but Master of none.

Nicole Lasee is a 5th year senior Communication major with an emphasis in journalism, public relations and electronic media. She has been working on the Fourth Estate for four semesters, two semesters as Entertainment Editor. She is 22 beautiful years old, plugged into the music scene, obsessed with Jokers, Queentinis, and sun bathing. Her free time is spent on the family dairy farm, where there is never a dull moment. Nicole is getting ready to enter the job world…nervous and excited for what’s in store, thankful to the Fourth Estate for two amazing years.

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Allie Reinikainen Sports Editor

Allie Reinikainen, Junior Communication major, loves sports. Playing them, watching them, and writing about them. She loves March Madness more than Christmas. The NFL Draft is one of the best days of the year. Allie wants to work in Sports Communication after she graduates. She also loves the color pink and baby snow seals are her favorite animals. She can also rap the words to Ice Ice Baby, and really appreciates the rapping skills of Tupac. This is Allie’s 6th semester on the Fourth Estate.

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Samantha LeRoy Layout Editor

Samantha LeRoy transferred to UWGB her sophomore year, where she decided to pursue a Design Arts major. Currently a 5th year senior, Samantha really enjoys doing page layouts for the newspaper, and hopes to do something similar after she graduates. Working on the Fourth Estate has been a really great experience for her.

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Megan Hanna Life Editor and Lead Copy Editor

Megan is a senior English major minoring in Education and Environmental Science. She is also a tutor at The Writing Center and was selected as a recipient of the Julie Brickley Scholarship for voice in writing. This is her second semester with the Fourth Estate.

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