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Baha Men more than a one-hit-wonder?

baha men

Bailey Stellmacher, 4Play Editor Commentary
October 30, 2014

Just about everyone has heard their most famous song, but few people know this band is actually still making music. The Baha Men turned into superstars practically overnight with their one-hit-wonder “Who Let the Dogs Out?” but have been relatively quiet on the music scene since. However, that will... Read more »

‘Fury’ stands out among fall films

gory war

Bailey Stellmacher, 4Play Editor Commentary
October 30, 2014

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s newest film might be the best movie released this fall. It also might just be the best war movie since “Saving Private Ryan” was released in 1998. “Fury,” set in Germany during World War II, follows Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt, “Fight Club,”... Read more »

FEAR is Unleashed in Green Bay

Candice Matuszak, Web Editor
October 26, 2014

Green Bay Fear is a locally–owned and operated haunted house presented by the Beja-Shriners that has been bringing screams to Titletown for eight years. The Zelton family has been contributing to this thrilling attraction since it was started. Bert Zelton is one of the lead operators behind the fright... Read more »

Downey Jr. shines in ‘The Judge’

downey jr.

Chase Pendzich, 4Play Writer Commentary
October 25, 2014

Robert Downey, Jr.’s (The Avengers, 2012) newest film, The Judge, opened in theaters Oct. 10. The film stars Downey, Jr. as Hank Palmer and Robert Duvall (The Godfather, 1972) as Joseph Palmer in a story about a broken father-son relationship. The relationship is especially strained after the father... Read more »

Be human with Set It Off and show your true ‘Duality’

set it off

Amber Beardsley, Web Editor
October 21, 2014

Set It Off’s latest album, Duality, released Oct. 14 via Equal Vision Records, lives up to its name. There are two major themes throughout Duality, as per vocalist Cody Carson’s view that humans all have two sides, themselves. The feeling of being completely fed up with the world intersects with... Read more »

‘Annabelle’ screams too typical


Veronica Plummber, 4Play Writer Commentary
October 20, 2014

The horror industry’s newest film, Annabelle, delivers an acceptable plot but a less-than-appealing scare factor. Annabelle is currently at a gross salary of $46 million in a seven-day outlook, climbing its way to potentially be bigger than its predecessor, The Conjuring. The film tells the story... Read more »

One Direction steals the hearts of many with new single


Erika Kinder, 4Play Writer Commentary
October 20, 2014

I was never a huge One Direction fan. I like a few of their songs, as they have very catchy lyrics and relatively good beats. The only problem I have with their music is that every song tends to have the same musical aspect, that is, similar beats or tones. One Direction’s newest single, “Steal... Read more »

‘Walking Dead’ worth the wait


Bailey Stellmacher, 4Play Editor Commentary
October 20, 2014

The highly anticipated season five premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead aired Oct. 12, and it did not disappoint. The episode started off with a bang, showing ringleader Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, Love Actually, 2003), fan-favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus, The Boondock Saints, 1999) and Glenn Rhee... Read more »

Superheroes take over TV

Chase Pendzich, 4Play Writer Commentary
October 20, 2014

The CW aired the season three premiere of Arrow and the series premiere of The Flash this past week. Both episodes brought the CW some of its best ratings in recent memory. The first two seasons of Arrow became so successful that the show paved the way for the Flash to get his own show. Arrow seems to... Read more »

Swift shakes her way to top of charts


Bailey Stellmacher, 4Play Editor Commentary
October 12, 2014

Taylor Swift may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s okay with that. Her new single “Shake it Off” proves she is growing up and no longer caring what other people think about her. She directly targets haters in the song with lines like “I go on too many dates/But I can’t make him stay/At... Read more »