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Uncommon Women stirs up feminism during first play of year

uncommon phone

Katelynn Vlachina, Entertainment Writer
October 30, 2014

The play “Uncommon Women” opened Oct. 16, drawing in a huge crowd. It was held in the Jean Weidner Theatre at the Weidner Center. The play was directed by theatre professor Laura Riddle. The play is intended for mature audiences, as there is some swearing and content that may be inappropriate for... Read more »

10th Annual Mr. & Mrs. Phoenix: Photo Gallery

Jessica Leighty, Photography Editor
October 26, 2014

Zeta Omega Tau hosted their 10th Annual Mr. & Mrs. Phoenix contest this week. Participants showed off their talents, school spirit, formalwear and answered one campus-related question. Proceeds raised through admissions, raffles, and a bakesale were donated to a local breast cancer foundation. Photos... Read more »

‘Camelot’ royalty brings music to Weidner Center


Katelynn Vlachina, Entertainment Writer
October 25, 2014

“Camelot,” the classic story of knights in shining armor, kings and queens, honor, and love came to life on stage as a musical Friday, Oct. 17. It was held in the Weidner Center for Performing Arts at 7:30 p.m. Filled with talented singers and actors, the performance received a standing ovation. The... Read more »

UW-Green Bay learns about Latin American music


Kyle Lewandowski, Entertainment Writer
October 25, 2014

On Thursday Oct. 16, members of the public along with the student body of UWGB welcomed Francesca Anderegg, Esther Wang, and Reinaldo Moya for an event called “Contemporary Voices from Latin America.” The event was part of a series at the Weidner Center titled “360 Degrees Thursday–Music from... Read more »

‘Girl Code’ makes first appearance on campus


Kyle Lewandowski, Entertainment Writer
October 20, 2014

At UW-Green Bay, the student population is about two-thirds girls. Thursday, Oct. 9, those two-thirds of the student population were spoken to by members of the popular TV show, Girl Code. Tanisha Long and Esther Ku came to campus to talk about the things you don’t normally hear about in your typical... Read more »

Speedbumps slow down UWGB atmosphere


Leah Buege, Entertainment Writer
October 20, 2014

The dim lights of the Phoenix Club mixed with the acoustic sounds of the Speedbumps created an intimate, relaxed atmosphere on campus Tuesday, Oct. 7. The Speedbumps, originally from Ohio, shared their Indie Folk sound through a unique array of instruments.  Their band consists of five members who play... Read more »

EMF detects spirits on Green Bay Ghost Tour


Brianna Laack, Entertainment Editor
October 15, 2014

As Halloween approaches, more haunted houses, ghost stories, and ghost tours become surreal. “I’ve always been interested in ghost stories, especially Wisconsin hauntings,” Jenny Deschane, junior, animal biology and environmental science major, said. Green Bay Ghost Tours gives tours of haunted... Read more »

Jim Wand Celebrates 24 years at UW-Green Bay


Brianna Laack, Entertainment Editor
October 14, 2014

Audience members yelled as they participated in a massive wave to welcome Jim Wand to UW-Green Bay for the 24th consecutive year. The crowd filtered in around 8:30 p.m for the 9:00 p.m. show in the Phoenix Rooms Oct. 1. The room quickly filled as people snatched whatever seats were open. The turnout... Read more »

Titletown brews up Craft Festival

Kyle Lewandowski, Entertainment Writer
October 12, 2014

“It’s a Saturday night, where you can go out and drink a lot of beer. How does that not sound fun?” Skip Anderson, CNC technician major, first year at Northwestern Technical College, said. He, along with hundreds of others from the Green Bay area, attended the first Annual Craft Beer Festival at... Read more »

360 Degrees of John Daniel

Katelyn Vlachina, Entertainment Writer
October 12, 2014

John Daniel, professor of Trumpet at Lawrence University, visited UW-Green Bay to perform at 360o Thursdays. The event took place Thursday, Oct. 2 in Fort Howard Hall, at the Weidner Center. 360o Thursdays are weekly events that allow guest musicians to perform and lecture. John Daniel’s lecture consisted... Read more »