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Phoenix Soccer posts historic season

phoenix soccer

Andrew Eisch, Sports Editor
November 23, 2014

The Green Bay Phoenix women finished their 2014 regular season with a solid performance throughout their schedule, resulting in an 11-6-2 overall record. The Phoenix finished their regular season with a 4-4 Horizon League record placing them fourth in the Conference. This season was an impressive one... Read more »

Tradition of iPat films continues on campus

iPat films

Hannah Stepp, News Writer
November 23, 2014

Increasing environmental awareness has long been a popular and respected cause on the UW-Green Bay campus. The University has been applauded for its prioritizing of environmental awareness and education, earning the nickname “Eco U” in the 1970s. Students and faculty continue to make environmental... Read more »

University professors continue to achieve

Hannah Stepp, News Writer
November 22, 2014

UW-Green Bay has always harbored some of the top minds in the country. With too many student accomplishments before and after graduation to count, one wonders how the university produces students with such top-notch education and accomplishments. A major part in this success is the incredible accomplishments... Read more »

Faculty members receive grants

Hannah Stepp, News Writer
November 20, 2014

Nov. 4 it was announced by Professor Amy Wolf, a member of the Research Council, that 14 UW-Green Bay faculty members will be receiving research grants from the Grants in Aid of Research 2014. The 14 professors are: Franklin Chen, Michael Draney, Alison Gates, Jenell Holstead, Jeremy Intemann, William... Read more »

SGA brings the election to campus

Nicholas Faust, News Writer
November 20, 2014

Nov. 4 marked midterm elections and along with it the chance for many students to vote for the first time. The ballot contained races for governor, attorney general and many other offices as well as several referendums. The University Union hosted the site of Ward 3 voting, serving UW-Green Bay and surrounding... Read more »

UW-Green Bay salutes Veterans

Nicholas Faust, News Writer
November 20, 2014

With Nov. 11, marking Veterans Day, the UW-Green Bay community took time to honor veterans in many ways. The Phoenix Rooms played host to the Chancellor’s yearly Veteran Reception. Accompanied by his wife Georgia, Chancellor Gary Miller took time to salute students and members of the community who... Read more »

New search conducted involving missing UWGB Student

Tyler Otto, Web Writer
November 18, 2014

Green Bay Police are reviewing a cold case involving a missing UW-Green Bay student.   Amber Wilde was a sophomore at UWGB when she went missing in 1998. According to authorities, Wilde was last in contact with her father on Sept. 23 of that year when she called to discuss a minor car accident she was... Read more »

Young brain cancer victim sparks national discussion

Jordan Lloyd, News Editor
November 6, 2014

Twenty-nine year old, Brittany Maynard, was diagnosed with brain cancer this past New Year’s Day, while vacationing with her husband, Dan Diaz, in California’s wine country.  She sought medical care that day, due to repeating agonizing headaches. “After getting married is when I first started... Read more »

Minimum Wage- A Debated Election Issue

election table - Copy

Tad Huempfner, Web Writer
November 1, 2014

“To be able to support a family on $7.25 an hour without government assistance in particular is virtually impossible,” said Eric Genrich. The minimum wage issue has been a topic of debate since the beginning of this year. Democrat Eric Genrich is the incumbent in a three-man race for the 90th Assembly... Read more »

Medical College of Wisconsin hosts Green Bay campus media day

Nicholas Faust, News Writer
October 30, 2014

October 23 the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) welcomed the Green Bay community with a media day in De Pere to commemorate the establishment of their new Green Bay campus. Founded in 1893, the Medical College of Wisconsin is a private medical school based in Milwaukee. It operates as the only other... Read more »