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A high f’liar’

Marian Ravenwood, Off the Wall Writer
April 1, 2015

After what could have been considered a life-threatening crash, actor Harrison Ford (“Star Wars,” 1977) has revealed the event was pre-planned. It turns out, the 73-year-old actor was filming an upcoming project. “I’ve flown planes for a few decades now, do you honestly... Read more »

Tom’s Tinis

Brandy Svedka, Off the Wall Writer
April 1, 2015

When asking my friends what we were going to do for our Friday-night-girls-only-drinks-and-sweets- adventure, only one name came up from all the ladies: Tom’s Tinis. This place had always interested me when it opened in September, but I never actually went there to try it. I figured... Read more »

‘Seize Z Day’

Zoey Zane, Off the Wall Writer
April 1, 2015

After years of petitions, rioting outside the capitol steps and boycotting keychain companies for never having their name on any vacation souvenirs, the world of “Z-people” can celebrate a small victory. March 19 marked the signing of the “Seize Z Day” Bill allowing anyone... Read more »

UWGB riddled by plant watering rendezvous

Poison Ivy , Staff Writer
April 1, 2014

What’s green, wet and covered in dirt? At UW-Green Bay, a man who goes by The Riddler, has taken it upon himself to water all of the plants around campus. While The Riddler is most commonly referred to as a villain in the fight against Batman, the copycat is using his villain... Read more »

GTP put all the ‘Card’ashians on the table

Ritchie Bling , Staff Writer
April 1, 2014

Great Times Programming went all out for publicity for their next program, “Why Getting Rich is Important.” GTP hired the Kardashian family to knock on Residence Life doors and stop into classrooms to share their wisdom March 27. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendal, Kylie Kardashian... Read more »

Campus lays axe to Netflix streaming

Chad Fargus , Staff Writer
April 1, 2014

After a long week of classes and studying, many students like to unwind and sit for hours upon hours in front of a screen as Netflix turns the once engaged student into a mindless zombie. Residence Life has blocked the Netflix video streaming and will no longer allow residents to... Read more »

Butchered Russian surgery leads to flirtatious woes

April 1, 2014

Mac luvin Staff Writer Walking the tunnels on a typical day is hard for Russian foreign exchange student Miles Chickov ever since his surgery back home.  Each day is a struggle to fight off all the people who are drawn to him and his ailment. While on spring break in his home land... Read more »

Iron Belly Invitational winner devours all

Belle Tako , Staff Writer
April 1, 2014

Shea Tsalot standing at 4’11,” weighing 96 pounds at her heaviest, killed it at the fourth Annual Iron Belly Eating Invitational in Chicago, on March 30, took home first place, $10,000 and one full stomach. Tsalot, a UW-Green Bay sophomore nutritional science major, was the... Read more »

Green Bay Packers replace Rodgers

Thad Castle , Staff Editor
April 1, 2014

The Green Bay Packers made a move March 31 that sent shockwaves throughout the NFL. They have replaced quarterback Aaron Rodgers with former Blue Mountain State quarterback Alex Moran. Rodgers, by many accounts entered last season as one of the best quarterbacks in football. In... Read more »

Happy Trails, missing university students

Joyce Pecter , Staff Writer
April 1, 2014

Approaching the haunted chapel, the wind picks up and the sound of distant squealing becomes the dominate noise. As of March 12 the UW-Green Bay Happy Trails Club, in collaboration with Public Safety, has been sending search crews out onto the trails to try to find the recently... Read more »