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Thanksgiving is not the time for holiday shopping

thanksgiving not for shopping

Sierra Spaulding, Opinion Writer
December 5, 2014

With another Thanksgiving gone, another Black Friday has also passed. This is the night when family members leave the dinner table, pile in the car, drive all over town, and stand in lines for hours on end, just to snatch up the BOGO DVD sale.  The night when civilians are trampled and elbowed and pushed... Read more »

Less secrecy and more transparency needed in U.S. government

less secrecy

Andrew Campnell, Opinion Writer
November 23, 2014

Whistleblowing is a touchy subject for some, especially in the wake of Edward Snowden releasing secret information about the National Security Administration (NSA). Knowing this, the U.S. Supreme Court started to hear arguments Nov. 4 regarding whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers. This... Read more »

Hulu must broaden political advertising, regardless of topic


Kari Risley, Opinion Writer
November 23, 2014

The online TV streaming site, Hulu, recently found itself in the middle of a controversy for refusing to run a politically-based ad in Colorado prior to the midterm elections earlier this month. Hulu does place political campaign and message ads in its rotation. Hulu representatives, according to a Newsweek... Read more »

The FBI needs to approach potential crime in a more ethical manner


Connor Huff, Opinion Writer
November 23, 2014

When the FBI has to track down possible criminals, they sometimes use means that some may perceive as unethical. An example of this is when they recently posted a fake article that contained software in 2007. The whole idea behind the fake article was to embed it with software that would locate a person... Read more »

Sensationalism has absolutely no place in politics


Andrew Campnell, Opinion Editor
November 23, 2014

Many things make excellent pairs: chocolate and peanut butter, biscuits and gravy and Hall and Oates are just a few examples. However, one pair is not so excellent—paranoia and U.S. politics. It seems like every other week, some politician or pundit is making a wild, paranoid guess about events that... Read more »

Retailers shouldn’t shame their customers, regardless of size


Sierra Spaulding, Opinion Writer
November 22, 2014

Each year, Halloween brings the dreaded “one size fits all” costumes that definitely do not fit all sizes and shapes of people. Then again, some retailers give another option, which is “plus-size.” Women can go down the aisle looking for the perfect costume to celebrate in, and what they find... Read more »

A sales tax on unhealthy beverages is more than reasonable

sales tax

Kari Risley, Opinion Writer
November 22, 2014

Earlier this month, two California cities voted in the midterm election to decide if the city should adopt a sales tax on soda and other high-calorie, sugary drinks. Voters in the city of Berkeley embraced the soda tax, while the citizens of San Francisco rejected it. According to a recent Washington... Read more »

The Army should be less strict with recruiting standards


Connor Huff, Opinion Writer
November 22, 2014

According to the U.S. Army, seven in ten young Americans are either too overweight, uneducated or have too much of a criminal background to enlist in the army. This statistic is a shock because it often seems like the army needs more young people excited about the possibility to join. Often the Army... Read more »

Ebola epidemic in the United States is very unlikely


Sierra Spaulding, Opinion Writer
November 20, 2014

All travelers coming to the United States from Ebola-affected countries must go through a screening process taking place in five different airports as a measure of precaution set by Homeland Security. Already, several passengers who were scheduled to arrive in different airports are being rerouted as... Read more »

‘#GamerGate’ is blatant misogyny, not a journalism critique


Sierra Spaulding, Opinion Writer
November 17, 2014

GamerGate, a movement created from hashtags, is sweeping the gaming community, and it continues to grow in controversy and gains more criticism and accusations of sexism and misogyny. It started with Zoe Quinn, an indie game developer, whose ex-boyfriend published a blog attacking her for allegedly having... Read more »