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David Ramirez shares music, soul with UWGB

Hailey Alfred, Website Manager
December 12, 2012
Filed under Entertainment

“I’m a wandering man, got no money in the bank, got no wife at home watching children.” Singer David Ramirez is every bit the wandering man he describes in his lyrics. A free-spirit, Ramirez shares his music with the world. His most recent travels found him at Common Grounds Coffeehouse Dec. 7 at 8 p.m.

Ramirez has been entertaining crowds with his Americana, soulful music for more than a decade. However, he first became interested in performing during his senior year of high school.

“My friends talked me into joining choir and theater,” Ramirez said. “I had never been involved in the arts before, so it was my first experience. It just moved me in a way nothing else had. After that, all I wanted to do was perform on a stage.”

His choir teacher and friends eventually pushed him to pursue a career in music.

Since the 29-year-old began his musical career more than 10 years ago, Ramirez has produced five CDs. His newest addition, titled “Apologies,” came out this August.

“There’s less to do with heartache and a lot more to do with personal struggles and hope. I see a lot of hope in these songs,” Ramirez said. “I’ve been working on these and many other songs for a couple years, but I didn’t know what I wanted this album to say until right before going into the studio. Once I finished the track ‘An Introduction,’ I knew this was going to be a very personal album.”

Ramirez said he finds inspiration for his songs from his own life experiences. However, he has also been inspired by the songs of Ryan Adams.

“I got one of Adams records when I was 20, and I never looked back,” Ramirez said. “He sings with a lot of soul and passion like me, and he is honest about his approach to music. He made me care a lot more about my work, and the energy I put behind it.”

After releasing his newest CD to the public, Ramirez began a tour through the Midwest, which included his performance at UWGB. The rest of Ramirez’s tour will take him to several other UW schools before he returns to his home state of Texas.

Ramirez is no stranger to the stage. He has played for crowds ranging from 50 people to 500. He has also opened for many prominent performers. Most recently, he opened for Sara Bareilles.

While Ramirez has traveled all over the U.S. performing his music, he says he has never played on a college campus until this year.

“I normally perform in bars, venues or listening rooms,” Ramirez said. “It’s a good thing for me to be touring to college campuses. It’s something else to give a shot at and get used to.”

Stephanie Kaponya, program coordinator for the Office of Student Life, suggested bringing Ramirez to campus.

“I heard him play in April in Minnesota,” Kaponya said. “He has a voice and sound that really just draws you in. He travels, he likes what he does and he wants to show it off to the world.”

Ramirez is just one of the many performers who have been brought to campus as part of the Groovin’ Grounds series.

“There is a definite difference between seeing live music and listening to a CD,” Kaponya said. “It’s not just the music then, it’s an experience.”

Ramirez said he enjoys sharing his music with other people.

“In all of my travels, my proudest moments have been just meeting people and seeing their response to my work,” Ramirez said. “I never assumed I would be somebody that would affect people’s lives. That gives me some pride and makes me excited to do what I am doing.”

Ramirez focuses on constantly improving as a musician.

“I want to be a better writer all the time, and I think that is the only goal I have,” Ramirez said. “I want to make better records every year, and write better, stronger songs. When I was younger, I used to think about labels and Grammies. While those things would be nice and rewarding, those aren’t end goals for me. The end goal is to just to get better at my work.”