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‘CSI Kewaunee’ solves ‘wurst’ crime of the century

Nicole Lasee, Entertainment Editor
February 6, 2013
Filed under Entertainment

Who stole the Kishka from the control room? Was it the electrician with a wrench? Was it the shift manager with a scissors, or was it the saucy security guard with a fork?

Let Me Be Frank Productions’ “CSI Kewaunee,” brings an all-new investigative musical to the stage Feb. 1-2, 7-9, 14-15, 21,-22 and a double feature the 23.

LMBF specializes in musical comedies and “CSI Kewaunee” features 21 songs emulating 60s and early 70s music.

“CSI Kewaunee” is LMBF’s 78th original show since 2000, producing six new shows a year. “CSI Kewaunee” has seven performing actors: Frank Hermans, Pat Hibbard, Lisa Borley, Paul Evenson, Amy Riemer, Tom Verbrick and Jack Janowicz.

“For this show we have a lot of different elements involved,” Janowicz said. “Each character is so unique and different within the story, and that’s what makes the show so great.”

“CSI Kewaunee” takes place at the Kewaunee Nuclear Plant. Tom Verbrick plays the plant manager, who is known to hang Kishka sausages in the control room to give them extra flavor. The Kishka is reported missing, and Verbrick calls the “CSI Kewaunee” team to investigate.

Suspects are Hermans and Riemer, electricians working at the nuclear plant when the sausage went missing, Hibbard the shift manager and Janowicz, a security guard.

Evenson and Borley report to the scene and begin interrogations with the employees and others on scene. Evenson’s character emulates David Caruso from “CSI: Miami” as Paul Carusovitch, “CSI Kewaunee.”

“As the lead investigator, every time I say something funny or witty, The Who screams from “CSI Miami’s” intro song plays,” Evenson said. “It’s very farce with slapstick humor throughout the production.”

At age 17, this is Janowicz’s third show with LMBF. Janowicz will attend Berkley College of Music in Boston next fall.

“As long as I’m up on a stage performing for people, I will always be happy,” Janowicz said. “The first song I sing in “CSI Kewaunee” is ‘Trouble’ by Elvis Presley, and in the song I do a strip tease. My character is a security guard by day and a male stripper by night. This was a big challenge for me because I’ve never done any sort of strip scene before. I have to focus on my character. I get to know my character every night. I’m never quite sure what he will do. Everything happens on the spot.”

Borley plays Kewaunee Nuclear Plant’s operations manager and helps Evenson with the investigation. Through meetings and interrogations, the two work to find who stole the prized Kishka from the control room. Borley has appeared in 20 LMBF productions, working with the troupe for five years. According to Borley, each show is a unique experience.

“No show in a production run is ever quite the same,” Borley said. “The original script is basically a guideline for the characters. We take the script and embellish it with our own fun flare. The script flexibility makes the shows interesting for the audience and the cast members. We very seldom give the same performance during the run of a show, but the story line is basically the same.”

LMBF is backed up by a Best of the Bay winning band consisting of guitarist Dennis Panneck, drummer Dan Paquette, keyboardist Tony Pilz, and other musician friends stepping in to accompany the music.

Business partners Hermans and Hibbard co-own and operation LMBF. Together, they write and direct all of LMBF’s productions. Hermans’s wife, Riemer, is the vocal director for the troupe. Since LMBF’s start in 2000, many original members are cast in the productions. LMBF’s move to the Historic Meyer Theatre solidified its place in theater.