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VOCA People land at Weidner Center

Jessica Prusow, Entertainment Writer
February 13, 2013
Filed under Entertainment, Top Stories

A strange spaceship has been spotted in France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland and the U.S. with it’s passengers the VOCA People.

Friendly aliens from the planet of VOCA, they communicate through music and vocal expressions. Similar to beat box, VOCA People create an amazing range of sounds. Their only instrument is their voice.

VOCA People will perform Feb. 16 at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. This is the third year for the traveling VOCA show.

The VOCA People display a unique blend of comedy, vocals and illusions. This innovative performance is one of the only acts in the world combining singers and beat box performers to bring an entire a capella orchestra.

This comical and theatrical framework and the mega mixes they bring to the stage distinguish them from other vocal groups.

VOCA People believe music is their life and they visited planet Earth in a spaceship to sing. The aliens are easily recognized by their white jump suits, white head caps and white face make-up.

“In some ways, the aliens’ inability to speak is part of their universal appeal and childlike charm,” said Cindy Sibilsky, marketing director of VOCA People.

After a millennium of traveling through space and finally landing here on planet Earth, the VOCA People have used excitement, timeless music, comedy, and audience participation to energize their spaceship.

“I have heard of the VOCA People before but was unaware of what their shows were about and that they didn’t actually speak in any of their performances,” said Kenzie Trezise, sophomore music management major.

In 2009, a clip from the rehersals was uploaded on Youtube and received millions of hits, gaining VOCA People international attention. More than 500,000 people have seen the show in about 20 countries. VOCA People has three intergalactic delegations touring the world.

“I know they’re a vocal group that wears white face paint and does not speak, but I’ve only heard of their amazing shows and never got the chance to attend one before,” said Jordyn Matuschka, junior biology major Marquette University.

Sibilsky works to make sure their message is heard across the U.S.

“My biggest challenge is to answer the ever-so-popular question of ‘what is it?’” Sibilsky said. “It’s an audience interactive and participatory group, like the Blue Man Group, and a true musical, theatrical experience.”

The VOCA People perform an original show every night. They aim for the wow factor and to leave the audience questioning how they did it through illusions and vocal tricks.

The VOCA People don’t do acrobatics, stunts or tricks, only amazing vocal talents.  Sibilsky stressed the amount of competition in the entertainment industry.

“People are constantly receiving different information and it’s very important to get the word out of the VOCA People,” Sibilsky said. “It is crucial to be sure people will know this is the kind of show where you will hear your favorite music from every genre in a way you’ve never imagined.”

Shai Fishman is the composer, musical director, and arranger for the VOCA People.  He plays seven instruments: piano, trumpet, French horn, saxophone, flute, drums, and bass guitar. He lives in Los Angelas and is the founder and CEO of Fish-I, Inc. and Fish-I Studios with many multi-media productions.

“The VOCA People were mysterious and the show kept me wanting more the entire time. I have never laughed so much and enjoyed my favorite music as much as I did watching them perform,” Kayla Fink, sophomore undeclaired  UW Milwaukee said.

The show is adaptable in length, from 20 minutes to a full theatrical show of 80 minutes and suits audiences of all ages, languages and crosses all cultural barriers.