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Disney celebrates 100 years of magic

Cyndi Revolinsky, Entertainment Writer
February 27, 2013
Filed under Entertainment

Children dressed up as their favorite Disney characters dance around aisles as the scent of popcorn hangs heavy in the air. The lights go out, and all chatter ceases.

“Thank you for joining us as we celebrate highlights of Disney memories,” Mickey Mouse shouts to the audience. It’s show time.

Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic came to the Resch Center Feb. 20 through Feb. 24. The production was packed with familiar characters and scenes from “Aladdin,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles,” “Toy Story,” “Pinocchio,” “Mulan” and “The Lion King.”

“I love that not only did they have the stories I watched growing up, but they also included the newer movies,” said Pam Beacham, who is from Manitowoc County. “I’m old school and was happy to see Mickey and Minnie while my granddaughter enjoyed the ‘Finding Nemo’ segment the most.”

The show started with Mickey and Minnie, the iconic mouse couple, welcoming the spectators.  The duo was followed by Donald Duck and Goofy circling the rink. Throughout the show, notable Disney characters appeared at intervals interacting with other Disney characters as well as the audience.

First to make an appearance was Aladdin, the lowly street thief who, after coming across a magic lamp, is allowed three wishes from a powerful genie. As he glided across the ice, Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and in a wisp of smoke freed Genie. Aladdin and Genie launched into the first musical number of the night. At least two dozen identical genies marched out of the castle, turning the rink into a blur of blue.

“My favorite part was when Genie and Aladdin skated really really fast and then did a back flip together,” said Layla Andrews, 9. “It was awesome.”

Spectators were transported from the city of Agrabah to the deep blue sea. Marlin, the not-so-funny clownfish, swam out of the castle looking for his son Nemo but just missed him. Instead, Marlin slams into Dory, the forgetful but friendly blue tang fish. Shortly after, the two were joined by the one and only group of vegetarian sharks. The life-size shark costumes were manned by two skaters.

Later, the crowd yee-hawed with Jesse, Woody and Buzz and sang along to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Next, the Incredibles and their sassy stylist Edna made a masked appearance and displayed their super skills for all to see. Guests also got to relive the happy-ever-after of timeless Disney princesses.

Belle and her Beast danced around the rink with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and her adorable son Chip. Audience members looked on in suspense as Gaston stabbed Beast and tried to take Belle, Beast’s one true love and the only person who can break the spell cast on him and his companions. But love prevailed, and Beast transformed into a handsome prince.

All the skaters joined in a final number on ice. As they zoomed around the rink, children close enough to the ice high-fived and hugged their Disney heroes.

Normally, the magic of Disney is experienced from a household television, but by wishing on a star, children got what their hearts desired and got to meet their life-size Disney friends.