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Danen Kane performs Christian concert

Brittany Groth, Entertainment Writer
April 24, 2013
Filed under Entertainment

The Common Grounds Coffeehouse experienced a change of scenery April 20. What was once a place to work, eat or catch up with friends turned into a venue for Danen Kane—an independent Christian artist.

Kane was brought to campus by UWGB’s Campus Catholic Ministries.

Growing up in Denmark WI, Kane’s familiarity and ties with the area made the show at UWGB special. Kane continues to base himself out of Wisconsin, but has been a full time national touring artist for 9 years.

In 2012, Kane did 225 shows in 35 states to support his album “Love is Waiting.” The album was mixed by Mills Logan, who has produced albums for well-known artists including Rascal Flats, Taylor Swift, Toby Keith and Luke Bryan.

While touring full-time Kane said his personal life has been absent — the only downside to a career, he otherwise loves it completely. During his free time, Kane enjoys playing many different sports.

“I actually went to college to play basketball before God took me in another direction shortly after,” Kane said, “but I still love being active when I can.”

As a non-denominational Christian, Kane shares his story and experience of God’s redemption and love for people through his music.

“I love music, but if it was just about playing music and entertaining people, I would have stopped years ago,” Kane said.

Having the desire to bring hope though music gives Kane motivation and drive to keep producing effective music.

“When I have someone come up at the end of a show tell me my music saved their life, stopped them from committing suicide, or gave their life to Christ that makes me want to do it forever,” Kane said.

UWGB students have shown appreciation and enjoyment for the musical talent of Kane—regardless of their personal beliefs.

“His music has relaxing tone to it, and I feel like it is a style appropriate for all ages at any time of the day,” said junior education major Leah Van Zeeland.

Van Zeeland said the musical style of Kane closely compares with some of her favorite artists, and looks forward to hearing what he will write in the future.

Megan VanSistine senior design arts major found the music of Kane to easily relate to her, and give her a positive frame of mind.

“It is always good to be able to turn on a song and know it will pick you up after a tough day,” VanSistine said. “Having an artist like Kane come to campus is a great opportunity for his music to reach the students here.”

Kane said that performing this concert at UWGB was an honor to him.

“I don’t take for granted any opportunity to play,” Kane said. “The fact that people all over the country constantly show up to hear me play blows my mind.”