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Phoenix Club gets down with Pat McCurdy

Alli Rivera, Entertainment Writer
May 8, 2013
Filed under Entertainment

“I’ll be good to you, I’ll be good to you,” blared through the Phoenix Club at UW-Green Bay during Pat McCurdy’s anticipated musical performance. Patheads and Pat virgins came out for a night of laughter, excitement and food May 2.

The night was a fun-filled escapade while laughter, singing and audience participation filled the room. There was also an assortment of food and drinks for attendees.

McCurdy is a solo singer, song writer and guitar player from Milwaukee who has been performing since 1988. His musical comedy has created a small but growing following across the country. His fans have taken to calling themselves Patheads because of their love for Pat and his music.

In addition to playing in Milwaukee, he regularly plays all over Wisconsin, as well as northern Illinois and Minneapolis.

McCurdy refers to his music as Pat music. He writes all his own songs in a variety of styles and makes his own changes to covers he plays. It’s hard to label him as a specific musician, and McCurdy covers every genre in his own way. In his performance, he touched on various categories including country, pop, reggae, polka, Irish, hip hop and a campfire section.

Every spring he plays a campfire segment, which is full of songs that he enjoys playing at campfires. One of the fans favorites was titled “Monkey Paw.” The audience was able to quickly learn the chorus and sing along with McCurdy.

McCurdy’s acts are interactive. During another segment of his show, he had the audience get up and dance with him. The audience was very reluctant to volunteer, but once the ice was broken, they were dancing. He had them dance his own choreography to the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astly.

Pat makes sure to include his audience in every part of his show, and he played requests as well.  He played a special song for the Pat Virgins and got the crowd up and moving with his dancing. He also had the crowd sing along to numerous songs throughout his act.

A crowd favorite was his section dedicated to Pat Virgins. McCurdy said to imagine he was satting on the laps of the Pat Virgins in the crowd while he sang a song that he picked out specifically for them. He got the crowd to participate by singing the lyrics “Hey Paddy, play a song for me. I didn’t pay no cover charge. I got in here for free.”

“This was my first Pat concert, and I loved every second of it,” said Abby Conroy, junior biology major, “He sang me an ABBA song that was No. 4 on his favorites list.”

McCurdy has released 10 CDs of his music in his career and has songs on iTunes, YouTube and Amazon. His live performances are filled with more than just songs on his CDs because he is constantly writing and changing his songs.

To find out more about Pat, visit his website at