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Cofrin Library offers more than a place to study

Bryana Payne/Fourth Estate

The Cofrin Library’s annual event offers a variety of food, pictures, dancing and life-size games such as checkers, shuffle board and jenga.

Jennifer Prusow, Entertainment Writer
September 19, 2013
Filed under Entertainment

The annual welcome back party for students, Bash in the Stacks, was held Sept. 12 from 7-11 p.m. Students filled the floors of the Cofrin Library and were welcomed onto the third floor with western dancing, music and a table full of goodies.

Free pizza, cookies, soda and candy were in the hands of students throughout the library floors.

Emily Rogers, associate academic librarian at the Cofrin Library, thinks the event is a great way to kick off the new year.

“This gives students a chance to get used to the building,” Rogers said. “It is a non-intimidating way to explore the different floors of the library.”

There were more than 27 ambassadors and library staff helping to make this event a success.  Bash in the Stacks was sponsored by FOCUS, Office of Student Life, the Chancellor’s Office and the Cofrin Library.

There were about 75 participating students during the first year this event was put on.

Attendance has increased to 700 students last year, according to Rogers.

This year, there were 800 students who showed up.

Danielle Brocker, junior English major and manager at the Cofrin library, worked during the event.

“I helped to direct students to the different floors,” said Brocker. “I work wherever they need me to.”

Each floor held a different activity for students to win tickets to spend at the General Store.

The store had a variety of Western apparel, such as stick on mustaches, t-shirts, bandanas and cowboy hats.

A variety of candies filled the tables including rock candy, lemon heads, suckers, hard candy, laffy taffy and varying chocolates.

Students could earn tickets by participating in trivia, while filling out the sheet of questions about the history of the Wild West and UW-Green Bay.

There were also games and other events for students to earn tickets to purchase various prizes.

There were also arts and crafts offered, including leather bracelet cuffs that could be decorated with paint, stamps and sharpies.

Students flipped through a variety of different magazines and find their favorite pictures or quotes to make a button, which was one of the most popular crafts.

Lyssa Scheunemann, senior biology major, thought the event was a great way to take a break.

“As a transfer student, it gave me a chance to do something besides homework,” Scheunemann said. “I got free food and I got to make a flower button.”

The old-time photo booth, located on the third floor, had a continuous line of students waiting to dress up in Western apparel and take pictures.

Some of the Western accessories included fake guns, a sheriff’s vest, bonnets and cowboy hats. The pictures were printed out immediately to be taken home for a souvenir.

Other events included Nerf tag, line dancing, an obstacle course, bull roping and life size games. These games included checkers, jenga and shuffle board.

Stephanie Kaponya, program coordinator for Student Life, was one of the planners for Bash in the Stacks and had high hopes for the event.

“The goal was to bring some light-hearted fun to the library,” said Kaponya. “It showed that there is a lot that goes on in the library — not just books and studying.”