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Taste of Green Bay brought to Broadway Street


Cheyenne Makinia/Fourth Estate

The Farmers’ Market on Broadway offers a variety of produce and other products to the Green Bay community

Jessica Prusow, Entertainment Writer
September 19, 2013
Filed under Entertainment

The Green Bay Farmers’ Market has been held every year since 2003 on 139 N. Broadway St.

The surrounding streets are blocked off by the police department so it is a safe and fun place to be.

The event is held every Wednesday from 3-7 p.m.

According to the On Broadway website, the Farmers’ Market on Broadway is the second largest farmers’ market in the state, with more than 200 vendors offering more than just fresh produce and prepared food.

The streets are filled with a variety of produce, fruit smoothies, crafts, jewelry, homemade breads, gourmet cupcakes, farm fresh organic meats and prepared foods such as egg rolls and jambalaya. There is something for everyone.

The market doesn’t only offer food. Various products are also available to the public.

The Floppy Ear farm offers a variety of homemade goat milk soaps. These soaps are made with milk rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that are excellent moisturizing qualities. The Floppy Ear Farm uses natural ingredients such as almonds, avocado, beeswax, canola oil and carrot juice.

Stephanie Liayla, a local Green Bay resident, is a frequent shopper at the market.

“I have come to this same spot every year,” Liayla said. “I stock up on their lip balm for the winter, and purchase a bar of goat milk soap and even one for my dog.”

The varieties of scents are almond, black amber, lavender, cherry, peppermint schnapps and much more.

Tony Chang, another Green Bay resident, also enjoys the variety of items.

“The butterfly potatoes are made right in front of you from a whole potato,” Chang said. “They are delicious.”

This stop seemed to be a local favorite and is enjoyed by many. The butterfly potato tent spins, cuts and fries the potato right in front of the customers, which provides them with the freshest product.

The Farmers’ Market also offers a wide range of fresh produce, picked right from the farm. Brian and Anne Nischke provide high quality produce fro East Slope Farm. Fresh lettuce, carrots, potatoes, beets and more range from one to six dollars.

Produce can be brought straight from the gardens to your home.

The Big Apple Fest hands out free apples and flyers to promote the upcoming fall season of apple picking.

The Farmers’ Market also offers awareness to the community of upcoming events for families and friends to enjoy.

Several local businesses such as The Little Tokyo, Monzu Bistro, Kavarna and Beernsten’s Candies also attend the market.

The Little Tokyo is a sushi bar located on Broadway Street as well. The tent was set up outside their restaurant and offered already prepared goodies such as egg rolls and spring rolls. The cost ranges from 2-3 dollars per roll with dipping sauce.

In addition to the wide variety of products, entertainment is offered to shoppers.

Multiple bands and entertainment perform on stages at the market each week.

The market will be held every Wednesday until Oct. 16.

Parking for the event is available at several surrounding lots and streets, such as Leicht Park, Pearl St., Museum Pl. and the Green Bay School District.

Bus routes to the market are also available and can be found at

Whether you are looking for some fresh produce, gourmet desserts or to enjoy some music, the Broadway Farmer’s Market fits everyone’s needs.