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Phoenix Club skanks with ska


Photo by Cheyenne Makinia/Fourth Estate

Dressing their finest, Something To Do brought Ska music to the Phoenix Club with a mission to get the quiet crowd moving.

Shelby Larson, Entertainment Writer, Commentary
March 25, 2014
Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

From jumping on tables to harmonizing with the crowd and skanking around, the band Something To Do got the audience on their feet at the Phoenix Club on March 13.

The band came dressed in their best. Each member wore dress pants, dress shirts and suit jackets. With the horns and the outfits they had a real “Blues Brothers” vibe.

Early in the performance a small group of students approached the stage with force and began to skank like their lives depended on it.

Ska is a genre that mixes jazz horns and reggae. The skank is the appropriate dance done by most ska goers.

Arms rapidly flailing and legs kicking to the beat stood between the band and the other members of the audience.

Ashley Dalton, freshman Spanish and social work major, was among the crowd of dancers.

“While I didn’t know this band specifically, I knew of the ska genre so that’s why I came out tonight,” Dalton said. “I went up front to dance because I really love the music and I love to skank.”

As the skanking continued, and the band played on, almost half of the people attending stood up to dance.

Apparently, skanking in place wasn’t enough for this group of dancers. During one song, they formed a circle and began rotating.

It was at this point the high energy bass player, full of plenty of dance moves himself, told the dancers to crowd around the mic and sing along to the chorus of the song.

Good Times Programming told the band that the UW-Green Bay crowd of students is generally a quiet group of show-goers, but the band was set on changing that by opening up with a loud in-your-face ska song.

With a song called “The Man in the Black Sedan,” another about not going to the dentist, and even an ode to Chuck Norris, the show oozed with fun from the very beginning.

One song in particular this group of college students took to heart was about Red Stripe beer. Another was called “what’s so good about being sober.” During this song, there were many laughs and people were quick to learn the chorus.

The dean was a popular subject for one of the members of Something To Do. Lead singer Nathan Tredinnick made it his goal for the night to make sure the dean heard the music from downstairs. He wanted to rock spring break 2014 and take the dean with him.

At the end of the show. the band asked the audience to stand, clap and dance. All but a few people stood up, clapped along and danced along the best they could.

While everyone made their way up from their seats, the bass player made his way out to the audience floor bouncing from tabletop to tabletop singing the song. He hit a few chairs too, almost falling before getting back onto the stage.

Andrew Kornetzke, freshman came for a good time.

“I loved them and thought it was awesome, they fit the Ska genre perfectly,” Kornetzke said. “The music is really easy to dance to.”

The constant pounding of the bass as the band played was hard to handle in such a small space, but Something To Do did their best to fix it so the audience could enjoy the music more. Despite their best efforts, the humming and buzzing of the deep bass didn’t stop during the show.

According to Tredinnick Something To Do formed in 2002 as a rock ‘n’ roll and ska band in Milwaukee and toured mostly in the Midwest.

Originally, they were two different groups that formed into one larger band.

Something To Do has released three full-length albums and two EPs.

They are anticipating a new album this summer and have opened for bands including Less Than Jake, The Beach Boys and The Offspring.

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