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Zigrino jokes for Ladies Night


Photo by Cheyenne Makinia/Fourth Estate

Comedian Jenny Zigrino tells a joke about how she pretends to be pregnant to get ahead in airplane lines March 27 at the Phoenix Club.

Shelby Larson, Entertainment Writer
April 1, 2014
Filed under Entertainment, Top Stories

Yiddish sexting, Russian accents and flirtatious interactions with the audience filled the Phoenix club March 25. Female comedian, Jenny Zigrino performed for Ladies Night, hosted by Good Time Programming.

With most of the jokes consisting of at least three curse words and a mention of her vagina or sex life, some members of the audience felt a little uncomfortable at times.

Sam Spevacek, sophomore undeclared, thought the show was intriguing.

“She had a lot of interesting jokes and did them in a weird way, but the vagina jokes were probably a bit much,” Spevacek said.

A joke most of the audience seemed to enjoy came at the end of Zigrino’s set. She made a joke that included Barack Obama asking her if she likes to smash homies.

By smash homies, she is referring to an African American male asking a white female if she prefers to engage in intercourse with them.

Josh Ladwig of Two Rivers came to visit his fiance, Spevacek, and together they saw the show.

“I thought it was very funny and there were a lot of good parts,” Ladwig said. “I think it went out to everybody so everyone got the joke.”

Frequently throughout her show Zigrino mentioned she was Russian, Jewish and a plus-sized woman and very proud to be all of them. She proceeded to use these things to create jokes at her own expense.

She came out referring to herself as a “slightly skinnier Adele” and explained how she gets ahead in airplane lines for acting and looking pregnant.

She also did a few of her jokes in a Russian accent to represent what her mom sounds like and to explain the struggles her mom  faced coming to America.

Amelia Tuyls, sophomore undeclared, came out for the night with a group of her friends.

“I was laughing for quite some time and it had me on my heels at times,” Tuyls said. “It might have been a little better if there were more (comedians) maybe.”

Because it was Ladies Night, there were pieces of candy at each table as well as pizza and activities for the students to do while they waited for the show to start. Most of the people who came were women, but there were a few men.

One male student, Steven Henderson, was flirted with all night by Zigrino as part of her act. Zigrino sensed Henderson disliked the flirtations and because of this, kept at it throughout the show.

She danced around him, sung to him and draped her arms around him. She used his disapproving attitude to create more jokes from the situation. The more he refused to play along, the more she ran with it.

Zigrino made a plea to everyone to get off of Tinder and asked the women in front if they were on it. She commented on what she thought of the Wisconsin men and how most of them are wearing hunting outfits with a dead deer in their pictures.

She ended the night explaining why kids these days are “stupid in history.” She made a joke that involved a historic figure and no one understood it.

She proceeded to do a Renaissance Fair comedy show for her final bit.  She spoke in an old English accent and made jokes about things that were important in the Renaissance era.

According to Zigrino’s website, she has appeared on Comedy Central many times, has been nominated for and won a few awards.

She was named Comedy Central’s “Comic to watch” for 2013.

She emcees in her own local burlesque troupe, Rogue Burlesque.  They were nominated as Boston’s Best Burlesque troupe three years in a row.

She took second place in the 2013 SheDevil Comedy Festival and finished in the top 8 for finalists in the 2013 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. She has also been nominated for “Boston’s Best Comedian” in 2013.

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