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UWGB ensembles park at ARTgarage

Jacob Choroszy , Entertainment Writer
April 8, 2014
Filed under Entertainment

UW-Green Bay’s wind program and Adam Gaines, associate professor of music, put on a show at the ARTgarage on April 5.

The ARTgarage is a nonprofit organization that encourages visual, performing and literary arts.

The ARTgarage was founded by Sandi Van Sistine in 2006, for local artists who finished studio arts class at UWGB.

“Since we are nonprofit, we can’t afford to bring in big bands from out of town,” Van Sistine said. “Our stage is for people who don’t get to perform everywhere and for UWGB students who want to get out of the auditorium.”

The ARTgarage is currently in the process of revitalizing the Green Bay community by being a part of the Olde Main Street Development District, but still carries an everyone’s welcome attitude.

Along with the wind program, Professor of Music Cheryl Grosso and her students performed with their African conga drums and associate professor of music, Eric Hansen, performed with three students in a clarinet quartet.

“It was a great variety of music. Each group was different and it made for a really great show,” Van Sistine said.

Since this was the night of the Wisconsin Badgers’ Final Four game, Gaines announced that they were going to get rid of the short break in between the different performances so the event could end sooner.

The brass band started by having everyone stand while they played the National Anthem. Many people in the crowd sang along.

One of the songs later in the set was cut off with a short pause, an error made by some of the students performing.

At the end of the song, Gaines took the time to point out that the trombone players got it right while everyone else did not.

The brass band ended their first set of songs with some polka music.

“This is Wisconsin. We have to play polka,” Gaines said.

He also tried to encourage people to get up and dance along.

Next to perform was the clarinet quartet and its jazz set. While the quartet was getting in tune before their first song, a baby in the crowd was discomforted by the sound and let out a large cry. This eased the performers into a laugh and the crowd joined in.

The last song of the quartet’s set was a crowd favorite. Multiple people were swaying and toe tapping along to the song.

Before the conga drummers began, Grosso explained that they were going to cut some of the solos out of the songs to make things go quicker, again for the sake of basketball.

Every drummer in the line was dressed with traditional dashiki,  a large, colorful pullover with bold patterns with an African origin.

Just about everyone in the crowd was head bobbing to the beat of the drums.

“The drums brought the beat out of everyone and agitated them in a good way,” said Marilyn Kesler, an ARTgarage volunteer.

The wind program went on again to close out the night. Gaines added a drum set, sousaphone and himself to the band to play the last few songs.

This was different from the first time they went on. Each song had an upbeat jazz sound.

“I liked the diversity of the music. I probably would’ve been less pleased if I sat listening to the same thing, but it turned out to be a great night,” said Barb Brenkus of Green Bay.

The last song chosen for the performance was aptly named “Curtain Call.”

“Everyone played with a lot of life and filled the hall with great music,” said Carole Phillips, an ARTgarage volunteer.

This was the ARTgarage’s first musical performance for the month. The next one will contain UWGB professors Stefen Hall and Brian Sutton. They will be performing as a jazz guitar duo  April 19.

“It’s like we’re having a UWGB Month at ARTgarage,” Van Sistine said.

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