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RAs bring tacky prom to students

Shelby Larson , Entertainment Writer
April 29, 2014
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Bedazzled fanny packs were on the line when four people participated in a dance off at the ‘80s Tacky Prom in the Phoenix Club April 24.

Anthony Hienkel, senior English education major, came with his friends to dance.

“Tacky prom is something that’s happened for years and I make a point to go every year,” Hienkel said. “It’s always a lot of fun. People get crazy dressed up and everyone lets loose.”

The contemporary apartment Resident Assistants put the program together and according to Seenia Thao, senior social work major, they must put on a program every semester and this is one that’s been recurring annually.

The first 75 people who showed up got free soda and popcorn.

The theme for the event was “I love the ‘80s” and was voted on by all the RAs in the contemporary apartment area.

“We wanted a fun theme to do with tackiness,” Thao said.

Andrew Haugen, senior art major, was in charge of helping with the advertising.

“We saw the ‘80s as an easy theme to relate to and there were a lot of good styles so people could find some good outfits,” Haugen said.

Throughout the night, the RAs handed out raffle tickets. They handed out tickets to people who were doing a lot of dancing, having fun, were dressed in a costume and any other reason they could come up with to give someone a ticket.

Brandi Kochera, freshman political science major, was asked to go by her RA and brought a group of friends with her.

“Even though there are not a lot of people, you can still make it fun no matter who’s there,” Kochera said. “I really like to dance. I have a lot of friends on campus and they all come out to it.”

Halfway into the event, the RAs cut the music to announce the winners of the raffle.  All of the prizes, including the button-up tiger shirt, portable CD player and “Star Wars” lunchbox were given away.

Two bedazzled fanny packs were the final prizes given out. To win them the members of the prom had to dance.

Four people wanted the fanny packs and joined the dance off. Once the song was over, the other people cheered for the one they enjoyed watching the most. The person with the most applause and yelling was the winner.

“I’m having so much fun and it’s nice to be able to dance and have fun with your coworkers and other residents,” said Megan Ryan, junior art major.

Streamers of all different colors lined the doorways and the ceiling of the Club. At one point a streamer fell from the ceiling. After trying to put it back up and failing some people took it, breaking it up into smaller sections and using them as ribbons to dance with.

“I don’t know what it is, but every once in a while you just need to get up and dance,” Hienkel said.

Near the end of the night a group of dancers created a kick line that lasted a whole song and grew into a seven person kick line as the song progressed.

This year was the first year the event was held in the Phoenix Club instead of the Phoenix Rooms.

Ryan helped with the coordination of the event.

“I actually really like that we had it in the Club this year. It’s a nicer environment and smaller so it’s kind of nice,” Ryan said.

Each table was set with a tablecloth and artificial arrangements in a mason jar for decoration along with various types of balloons and a carousel with an “I love the ‘80s” poster. The area with the poster was set up for people to take pictures in front of.