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Local ice cream arrives on UWGB campus

Krisa Roggensack, Life Writer
November 14, 2012
Filed under Life

Wanting a little more variety in the Leona Cloud Commons, A’viands added Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream to their array of choices on the UW-Green Bay campus. After seeing one during a tour of Lawrence University over the summer, Patrick Niles, food service director, decided to bring the idea to UWGB.

The premium ice cream is locally made in Madison, Wis. with all-natural ingredients.

“It was important to us to choose a local vendor,” Niles said. “We always strive to use local products as often as we can because we believe in supporting local economies.”

When students visit the Chocolate Shoppe, they have several options. It offers flavors such as Zanzibar Chocolate, Old Fashioned Vanilla and caffeine infused BANG! Students can choose one or two scoops and in a dish or a waffle cone. Specialty flavors are also available, including mint chip, Door County cherry, cookie dough and Zoreo, a chocolate ice cream with marshmallow ripple. Students can also choose to have a Peanut Butter Passion Sundae, malt or shake.

“It was delicious,” said Kerri Higgins, senior public administration major. “I will definitely go back for more.”

The Chocolate Shoppe held a grand opening Nov. 7, offering free ice cream to the first 200 students and one lucky student won free ice cream for a semester. They also introduced some new products including the Brownie Melt Down Sundae and an ice cream sandwich.

“The ice cream was a little expensive but very tasty,” said Kristin Becker, senior Spanish major.

The reason for the extra price is for the quality of the ice cream. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream uses rbGH-free cream from Wisconsin cows. This means the cows have not been injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone, which increases growth in young cattle and milk production. The Madison-based companies also choose to use all-natural cane sugar and natural stabilizers instead of corn syrup.

The ice cream is considered super-premium, meaning it has an overrun of less than 50 percent. The lower the overrun, the creamier the ice cream becomes. Chocolate Shoppe ice cream has an overrun of only 35 percent, meaning it has one part air to every three parts cream.

Another reason it’s considered super-premium is because it has 14 percent butterfat, which also contributes to the creamy texture of the ice cream.  It’s also kosher and made with all premium ingredients, Niles said.

The ice cream was first made in 1962, offering 19 flavors. Today there are company- and-independently-owned stores across the Midwest. There are also more than 100 flavors of ice cream offered today.

A’viands has been pleased with the sales of the ice cream so far and expects sales to increase throughout the year. The flavors vary from day to day, but students can visit the A’viands food blog to see what they are offering.