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Students deck the halls in their dorms

Krisa Roggensack, Life Writer
December 4, 2012
Filed under Life, Top Stories

The holiday season is just around the corner, and students want to decorate their apartment or dorm room. But how can they deck the halls with so little space?

Students looking to get into the traditional holiday spirit can purchase a fake tree that will fit in the apartment or dorm. Many come with lights already on them, ready for ornaments.

If there is no room for a small tree, students can turn their mini fridges into a tree. Plastic ornaments can be glued to magnets and put on the refrigerator for a creative way to make an untraditional Christmas tree.

There are also many varieties of seasonal window clings that can be found at several stores. They are generally priced between $6 and $12.

“I have a lot of holiday-themed window clings on my window right now,” said Shannon Buhler, freshman human biology major.

Another way to decorate a dorm or apartment is with wall clings. They are removable, re-useable and range in price from $9 to $20.

If students want something with a smaller price tag, garland might be an option. There are several colors to choose from as well as styles. Tree garland is typically between $3 and $6. Students can hang garland on the tack strips provided in the dorm or apartment or use poster putty to adhere it to the wall.

“I love garland and glitter,” said Autumn Beukema, freshman elementary education major. “I’m going to put it all over my room to decorate for the holidays.”

One way to make use of glitter is to create ornaments. All that’s needed is clear plastic or glass ornaments with removable tops. Take the top off of the ornament and pour in floor wax, such as Mop and Glo, using a funnel. Swish the liquid around in the ornament, and pour it back into the bottle. Next, add glitter. Swirl the glitter around until the entire inside is covered, and dump the excess back into the glitter bottle. Let the ornament dry without the top on. Put the top back on, and an easy homemade ornament is created.

Another activity students can do with a roommate or roommates is making classic gingerbread houses. By using graham crackers, frosting and several types of candy, each person can  show his or her creative side and display or eat completed houses.

Students should be aware of safety guidelines before decorating. Many of the regulations come from university safety regulations and city and state fire codes.

The most important thing is to be sure all of the decorations are safe. Make sure the light cords and extension cords are UL approved. This means they have been tested and are approved to be safe. Lights can be used on the tack strip in dorms or apartments but cannot be put under beds, under rugs, over door frames or hung from the ceilings.

Remember to always unplug lights when no one is present in the dorm or apartment.

As always, candles are not allowed in campus housing. Fire regulations also do not permit real trees or wreaths.

As long as students stay within the safety guidelines, they can decorate their dorm room or apartment in a way that shows their imagination and makes the season bright.