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UWGB presents options for winter classes

Hilary Presti, Life Writer
December 4, 2012
Filed under Life

Winter break may be thought of as time for holiday festivities, traveling and an opportunity for students to spend more time with families and friends.  Other students, however, may decide to continue their studies by enrolling in a January Interim course.

Some students may choose to take classes over break because they cannot fit the class in during a spring or fall semester, because they want to be sure to graduate in four years or because they would rather take classes pertaining specifically to a major during the spring or fall and take a general education course during the winter.

“I chose to take a class over January Interim to fulfill a general education requirement,” said Carly Stublaski, past UWGB business major. “That way I wouldn’t have to take it during the spring, and in the fall I could chose to take a different class.  I also decided to take it to hopefully help me finish up school faster.”

Students may take only one course during this time, as the courses are at an accelerated rate.

“All of the winter classes are online, and last for three weeks,” said Kristina Berg, Student Services specialist.

Stublaski feels the biggest advantage to taking a class over the break that it is offered online.

“I know some people find this to be a challenge, but I really enjoyed it,” Stublaski said. “Since I wasn’t from Green Bay, I could go back home for Christmas break and didn’t have to be in the classroom all day.”

Also, Stublaski found the restriction of not being able to take more than one course to be beneficial.

“It makes it easier because you could put all of your effort into the one class, unlike during the typical semesters when you have four or five other classes to worry about, plus your personal life.”

For Stublaski, these positives outweighed the negative aspects of taking a class during January Interim.

“A con to taking a class during this time is that you are trying to cram a semester’s worth of work into only a few short weeks,” Stublaski said.  “It’s something you really have to focus and keep up.”

Berg also believes the accelerated rate may be a negative for some students but added there may be a couple more reasons for students to choose not to enroll in a winter course.

“There is no financial aid for winter courses,” Berg said. “And with taking a class you don’t really get a winter break.”

Stublaski did not mind spending some of her break working on schoolwork.  She found that she learned more in the one class she took during the winter than she did in her classes during the spring and fall semesters.

“The information in the winter course seemed to really get through to me,” Stublaski said.  “I wasn’t trying to focus on several different subjects at once.  I think this is why I was able to retain the information better.”

For students with some extra time during winter break or maybe another general education requirement to get out of the way, taking a class during the January Interim may be a good option.

In order to enroll in the courses offered, log onto SIS and search for classes offered during Fall 2012.  Under session, select January Interim and the courses available to take in January will be displayed. Enrollment closes Jan. 4. Contact academic advising at with any questions.