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Circle K helps community

Hilary Presti, Life Writer
December 12, 2012
Filed under Life

Circle K, a group of UWGB students, has been seen organizing and running blood drives every semester on campus and hosting the Pancakes and Porkies Breakfast annualy during Family Weekend.  This group of students has also been seen volunteering at the Bay Area Humane Society, Boys and Girls Club and at several haunted houses during Halloween.

Circle K is the college-level organization of Kiwanis club,  an international club of volunteers dedicated to helping children and communities, and is a member of the Wisconsin – Upper Michigan District.  It’s an international, student-led organization.

“Our main focus is community service,” said Kaitlin Hobbs, junior English and philosophy major and Circle K president.  “We volunteer at a wide range of events, including programs at Lambeau, the NEW Zoo and the National Railroad Museum.  In addition, we attend district events throughout Wisconsin, and have socials like bowling and holiday parties.”

Members meet Mondays at 5:15 p.m. to discuss future service projects. These meetings are also open to any students looking to volunteer. The club members are currently working on adopting a family for the holidays.

“This organization impacts the community in numerous ways,” Hobbs said.  “For one, our volunteer work benefits individual community members and community organizations through our club providing helping hands for events.  Our involvement with the public also facilitates a bond between UWGB and the Green Bay community.”

Although the members of Circle K take pleasure in helping the community in a variety of ways, they each have personal favorite experiences. All revolve around the common theme of relationship building and assisting others.

“I’m extremely honored to belong to a group of such dedicated and outstanding individuals,” Hobbs said.  “My best memories from this org will always be the incredible friendships I’ve gained through my involvement.”

She also enjoys participating in district events.

“My most memorable service project in Green Bay is probably volunteering at the NEW Zoo for their annual Zoo Boo event because I got to wear a giraffe costume,” Hobbs said. “The kids loved it.  It’s so rewarding to see people benefit from your volunteer work.”

Rebecca Rasmussen, junior English major also said, “My favorite part of being in Circle K is getting to spend time working toward a common goal with a kind, motivated group of people.  I would recommend anyone looking to get involved on campus, especially in a service-based org, to join Circle K.”

Sammy Jackson, junior English major, agrees others should join Circle K.

“It is a really good club with lots of fellowship, leadership and volunteer opportunities,” Jackson said.  “The people in the club are very nice and great to get to know.  You can also be on the board and gain some leadership experience.”

Jackson has been on the board for two years and said she has made a lot of friends through the events she has helped to plan, as well as the socials.

Students unable to attend all events are still encouraged to participate.

“You don’t have to be a member to volunteer with us,” Jackson said, “and if you only want to volunteer a few times a month or semester, that’s fine, too.”

Students who cannot attend every meeting but want to find out about the ways to volunteer with the org can email the Circle K account at

“Also, if anyone is interested in service project Circle K is not currently working on, we’re always more than happy to research new opportunities for volunteer work,” Hobbs said.

To find out more, follow Circle K on Twitter @uwgbcirclek or like uwgbcirclek on Facebook.