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Intramural games act as study break for students

Mitchell Henkelman, Life Writer
December 12, 2012
Filed under Life

If there’s one thing students can say they look forward to, it’s usually the end of the semester. Finally, no more exams, papers, projects or presentations.

But along with the end of fall classes comes the end of intramurals for the semester. Championship games for intramurals, like basketball, take place during the final weeks of the semester.

“I think a lot of people play soccer, volleyball and basketball,” said Allan Matenaer, intramural sports supervisor for the Kress Events Center and communication major. “Those are the top three sports people will sign up for, and there are a lot of teams.”

These and other sports teams compete at the end of each semester, with the winners recieving a free T-shirt and getting mentioned on the Kress website as well as their social media sites like Twitter.

“They’re not there to win the Lombardi Trophy,” said Casey Pivonka, recreation coordinator for the Kress, “but sometimes a T-shirt can mean just as much as a trophy.”

The championship games are a time for teams that played hard throughout the season to show the full extent of their skills and prove who is best.

“During the season, it’s pretty laid back,” Matenaer said. “It’s a fun competition between two teams, and no one really holds a grudge over anything. During the finals, everyone takes it to the next level, and steps their game up.”

For students, attending the intramural finals can be a fun break from the end-of-semester workload.

“A lot of people have friends they come to watch during the season,” Matenaer said. “Everyone in the school knows someone who plays intramurals. Going out and supporting your friends is good. It’s a nice atmosphere, and you get to see all the different sports and the different levels people are at.”

Intramurals are not just for athletic students and are played for the fun of the game as well as for their competition.

“A lot of kids just do it for the exercise too,” Matenaer said. “They don’t like going into the gym and pumping iron or running on the treadmill, but going out and playing volleyball, running up and down the court for basketball or running down the field for soccer. It’s all a good workout.”

In addition to the standard sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball, students should keep an eye out for other fun sports and recent additions for the 2013 semester, including kickball, wiffle ball, passing league football teams, and an outdoor softball league. The addition of other sports, such as indoor floor hockey and a variation of soccer called Futsal, are under discussion.

One of the more popular additions to the intramurals is Trench Ball, a variation of dodge ball, which Pivonka brought to UW-Green Bay.

“It’s quite a bit different,” Pivonka said. “It’s in an enclosed area, we put down a divider, and without getting into too much detail, there’s a lot more action. We play two fifteen minute halves where you keep track of points. You’re never really out, you just go back into your own trench and hit people from behind to get back into the game. It’s crazy, a lot of fun, a good workout, and you’re tired by the time the buzzer horns for the finish.”

Intramural games are free to watch. If final exams and the end-of-semester workload leaves students feeling more than a little stressed, taking in a championship game could be a fun solution to that problem.