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Facebook compliments page creates positive atmosphere

Reed Schneider, Opinion Editor
March 27, 2013
Filed under Life, Top Stories

After a couple of minutes of reading dirty proclamations on the UW-Green Bay Confessions page, there is another Facebook page students can look at before inevitably turning to various cleaning supplies to sanitize all public furniture. The UWGB Compliments page is a community project focused on creating a positive atmosphere for students, faculty and staff.

According to the anonymous creator of the page, who will be referred to as the Compliment Messenger, anyone can send a compliment to the page through a message, and his or her identity will remain unknown.

The student-managed social web project was inspired by a page created by Queen’s University, according to the Compliments page.

“It was really a ‘Sure, why not?’ kind of experiment,” the Messenger said. “Campus can always use more positive energy.”

From praises of appreciation for random acts of kindness, to shout-outs for faculty and staff, to simply endearing compliments, the page’s optimistic environment can impact anyone.

Sarah Kellom, sophomore English major, said the compliments about her blew her away because they happened at times when they were most needed.

“In such difficult times, it warms the soul to see how humanity can put its best foot forward,” Kellom said.

Alex Moeller, senior Spanish and public administration major, also received compliments. She said she loves the concept of the page.

“With so much negative media and stress from school, it’s nice to see so many positive comments when I scroll down the Facebook feed,” Moeller said. “It makes you realize the beauty of the UWGB campus and people.”

When looking through the many posts on the Compliments page, it becomes fairly obvious each new post makes someone’s day. Both Kellom and Moeller agree. The page is as contagious as a smile.

While it may have started out as a social web project, it has become a source for everything nice at UWGB. The Messenger said he or she is honored the entire UWGB community is embracing the page, even staff and faculty.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I really don’t think I expected it to become quite as big as it is,” the Messenger said. “The most gratifying thing would have to be knowing someone is reading what was said about him or her and is making his or her day that much better.”

As simple as it may be to write a little paragraph about someone, the effort goes a long way.

“Just thinking about the time that person took to go onto the page and write that compliment meant a lot to me,” Moeller said. “It also let me know I was on the right track with my Zumba instructing. The bottom line is that not only did it motivate me, but it made me realize the benefits of the pay-it-forward concept and inspired me to continue the positive vibes.”

Whether from a stranger, acquaintance or best friend, random compliments can truly make someone’s day. A smile and a hello could be the difference between a day ending in tears or in laughter.

“I always take the time to say ‘hello,’” Kellom said. “You never know if that one ‘good morning’ could make a person’s day the way the compliments made mine.”

That’s the entire concept of the UWGB Compliments page. It can easily be reached with a Facebook account. Go ahead. Bring a smile and a few kind words. Spread happiness.