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Campaign encourages student ‘GRAD-itude’

Nicole Penke, Life Writer
April 24, 2013
Filed under Life

With graduation fast approaching, many UW-Green Bay students will soon be leaving the university behind. However, the Future Alumni Association hopes they won’t forget UWGB and the opportunities they had as students. The FAA is available to help students express their “GRAD-itude” and to give back to UWGB with the Senior Gift Campaign.

The fundraiser campaign will run through May 18. It is a way to educate students on the impact of alumni donations. This year’s theme is “GRAD-itude.”

Packets containing a blank thank-you card from the Office of Advancement are available for students to fill out and send to someone who helped them succeed. They also contain information about the campaign and how to donate. Students who make a donation by 11 a.m. May 18 will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the Phoenix Bookstore. If they donate by May 13, they get a button to wear at graduation.

Graduating seniors are encouraged to make a gift of $20.13 as a first step as alumni, but any donation is appreciated. Half of each donation will help support the new park between the University Union and the residence halls. The remaining half will support the Annual Fund, which covers an array of university needs.

To donate, students can visit, fill out the enclosed pledges provided in the packet, call (920) 465-2212 or stop by the University Ticketing and Information Center to donate unused pass points or pay with credit card.

Many graduates don’t know they can give donations to the public schools or that less than 20 percent of the campus budget comes from the state. The rest of the budget, as well as scholarships, come from students and donations to the college.

Chiara Boss, FAA student coordinator, fundraising intern and senior public administration major, helped with details and acted as an advisory group for the campaign.

“People need to be educated about how important donations are to the university,” Boss said. “This is a cool mission to educate them before they leave.”

Morgan Hansen, FAA president and public administration major, is confident about the campaign’s progress.

“It’s a great campaign,” Hansen said. “It’s very new, but we’re off to a good start, especially considering all the work we put into it and comparing ourselves with other schools. We’re on our way.”

Tracy Heaser, development officer at UWGB, helps lead the 2013 Senior Gift Campaign. She works with alumni and other members of the community to gather funds to benefit the campus.

“Last year we had a challenge going on and raised $143,000 from alumni,” Heaser said. “That’s $143,000 students don’t have to pay through tuition.”

Though the FAA is a fairly new organization, Hansen thinks it’s important and hopes more students will get involved.

“The Future Alumni Association is a growing organization,” Hansen said. “It’s very valuable to this campus because it offers students so many opportunities to grow their career and contacts and to network. Alumni and connections will get you a job.”

Heaser encourages new alumni to not only support UWGB, but also to stay connected to the university.

“Our alumni do great things,” Heaser said. “We want to know what alumni are doing, and we want to share stories of success.”

Graduates automatically become members of the Alumni Association and can update the organization on their careers and successes at