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Mr. and Ms. Phoenix phlash school spirit

Nicole Penke , Life Writer
October 31, 2013
Filed under Life

They soar, they phlash, they spread their wings in school spirit. This year’s winners of Mr. and Ms. Phoenix are Travis Petrie, junior communication major and Tosha Wagner, freshman undeclared.

“I am very excited. I feel it’s really fun to set an example for the school and become a role model,” Wagner said. “I didn’t expect it but I’m so glad I did it.”

Petrie was also stunned by his crowning as Mr. Phoenix.

“I feel surprised,” Petrie said. “It’s something I normally don’t do and I won by half a point. My favorite section was the talent.”

The ninth annual Mr. and Ms. Phoenix Pageant was held Oct. 16. It was a showcase of school spirit and talent.

Zeta Omega Tau Sorority hosts the event every year. The event is open to all students except members of the sorority.

The stage was set for the 12 contestants, including Preston Waala, Tosha Wagner, Brian Roberts, Brandi Kochera, Kyle Lewandowski, Nicole Hangartner, Tyler Sterr, Karinda Jennings, Travis Petrie, Danielle Eder, Andrew Hein and Cassie Thobe.

The pageant had six judging categories: introductions, school spirit, talent, formal wear and onstage question.

The host speaker, Nellie Schafer, was Ms. Phoenix 2012.

“I felt very fortunate to have been elected Miss. Phoenix in last year’s competition,” Schafer said. “Our university did a 360 last year with the new branding and I am so grateful I was able to represent the university.”

Each student walked down the runway striking poses during introductions.

Schafer introduced the judges, including a mix of faculty and staff, before she moved on to the school spirit category.

Wagner preformed a skit as a cheerleader that sent the audience into a tizzy, laughing and chanting with her.

Jennings’ song, “What Does the Phoenix Say?” included verses about the Phoenix and a chorus repeating what the Phoenix says: “caw, win, champions and victory.”

Petrie told a story of the 1970 Marshal University football team’s fatal plane crash that inspired the “We Are” chants.

The “we are” chants are about rising out of the ashes. The Phoenix never dies-it comes out of its ashes and becomes stronger. Petrie completed the story with a “We are Green Bay” chant with the audience standing on its feet.

Andrew Hein, runner-up,  took the audience on the Phoenix roller-coaster by having them hold  their hands up and down side to side in the air while screaming out cheers.

The formal wear and questions were combined. Questions connected directly to campus.

The male runner-up by half a point was Andrew Hein and the female runner-up by 1 1/2 points was Karinda Jennings.

Money was collected through an entrance fee, a 50/50 raffle as well as another raffle for prizes donated by local sponsors. All the money collected was donated to a local breast cancer foundation.

“I love working with the sisters to help fundraise for an important cause, especially for women. We are a community service- based sorority,” said Heidi Ross, senior communication major and vice president of the sorority.