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Book supports Common Theme

Jenna Danner, Life Writer
November 7, 2013
Filed under Life

Relating our campus theme to a high school in Brooklyn isn’t easy, but Brooke Hauser, author of “The New Kids,” has created this world. The discussion will take place Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. in the Phoenix Rooms.

Hauser will speak on her book and how it relates to the  Common Theme at UW-Green Bay.

Grant Winslow, program coordinator for Student Life, commented on Hausers non-fiction book.

“The book Brooke wrote is about a high school in Brooklyn. It’s not a typical high school because it hosts immigrant teens who come from all over the world. If you were to take the typical American teenager and plop them in this school,” Winslow said. “It would be like an experience studying abroad, without actually leaving the country”.

Hauser described her experience she had while writing the book, as well as where her inspiration came from.

“I love the idea of the world being inside a high school.” Hauser said. “While I was hanging out at the school and reporting the book, I truly felt part of a world community, an idea that Green Bay students are exploring this year with your Global Citizenship Common Theme,” Hauser said. “I’ll talk about the global community at this high school in Brooklyn, and I’ll talk about community in general.”

The overall purpose of the Common Theme on campus is to ‘engage the campus and community.’

In addition to the “The New Kids,” Hauser has also written many articles about celebrities, entertainment and pop culture for various magazines.

The discussion is free and open to the public. Hauser expects it to last about 40 minutes, but will extend the Q&A portion if more time is needed.

For more information about Brooke Hauser contact Student Life at