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Career Services offers spring courses

Megan Hanna , Editor-in-chief
November 7, 2013
Filed under Life

Career Services is offering two classes to help students plan and prepare for their future careers, Professional Skills for Your Career (BUS ADMIN 283D) and Career Planning (HUM DEV 225). There will be two sections of each course in the spring semester. Linda Peacock-Landrum, director of Career Services and the instructor for BUS ADMIN 283D, and Steven Newton, program coordinator for career development and the instructor for HUM DEV 225, told the Fourth Estate a bit about each course.


HUM DEV 225, Career Planning


Why was this course developed?

The course was designed to provide a structured, in-depth approach to career exploration and decision making.

What are the goals of the course?

This course is designed to help you develop a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on career development, as reflected by the definition presented in the textbook. The class sessions and assignments will provide the information and resources necessary for conducting self-assessment, researching occupational and educational options and establishing goals for career and life planning.
What kind of students would you recommend this course to?

It’s open to any student, but is targeted to first- and second-year students who are undecided about their major or career goals.
Career Planning has been offered before. How successful has it been? 

This is now my ninth year teaching Career Planning here at UWGB, and more than 700 students have taken the class in that time.  The course evaluations from students are consistently positive, and the pre- and post-semester evaluation of students’ occupational information and vocational identity show improvements in all areas.


BUS ADMIN 283D, Professional Skills for Your Career


Why was this course developed? 

It was developed to allow our students to be more competitive in the job market.  Numerous other schools in Wisconsin and across the nation have a comparable course that focuses on developing the skills students need to be a competitive candidate for internships and future employment.  We felt our students needed a structured way to work on these skills and connect with other students with similar needs and experiences.  With a majority of our students being first-generation college students, our students may not have role models in their support systems that can offer guidance and advice in these areas.

What are the goals of the course?  

The course is designed to allow students to develop professional skills, which include creating a successful resume, writing effective professional correspondence, understanding business, phone and email etiquette, learning solid interview and presentation skills and developing networking skills.  Students will also learn how to conduct an effective internship or job search and develop an action plan. There are many practical components to the class with hands-on experiences, employer panels and advice from experts.
What kind of students would you recommend this course to?
This is a perfect course for students beginning to search for internships or relevant work experiences as well as students nearing graduation.  Students must have earned 45 credits in order to enroll in the course.  Two sections of the course are offered for spring 2014 with plans to offer two sections next fall as well.