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National Residence Hall Honorary recognizes outstanding achievements

Alyssa Lamberton , Entertainment Editor Commentary
November 14, 2013
Filed under Life

On a campus of more than 7,000 students, faculty and staff, UW-Green Bay contains a variety of talents.

UWGB’s National Residence Hall Honorary chapter recognizes these people and organizations.

NRHH is a nationwide honorary for 1 percent of student leaders living on campus to represent the 100 percent, standing by their four pillars: scholastics, recognition, leadership and service.

Members of the NRHH chapter on campus uphold the recognition pillar by writing and reading Of the Month, or OTM awards.

OTMs are short essays of less than 600 words nominating someone for his or her outstanding achievements that month. Anyone affiliated with UWGB can write or be nominated.

OTMs are split into various categories including resident assistant, diversity program, organization, institution faculty/staff and many more. NRHH chapter members vote on the most deserving OTM award each month. There is only one winner per category.

Campus winning OTMs may go on to win at the state, regional and national levels and are voted on by NRHH members at other institutions.

All OTMs are due on the first of the month to by 11:59 p.m.

For more information about NRHH, tips on writing OTMs or for a nomination form, visit

September OTM Winners


Educational Program:

Leadership Boot Camp, written by Amy Mauk***


First Year Student:

Craig Balke, written by Bryan Konicek


Institution Faculty/Staff:

Dr. Steven Muzatko, written by Bryan Boeck



Phase 1 Community Council, written by AmyMauk


Residence Life Faculty/Staff:

Amy Mauk, written by Alyssa Lamberton


Resident Assistant:

Anita Blatnik, written by Ben O’Heran


Residential Community:

Roy 2nd Floor, written by Kassandra Yunto


Social Program:

Water Warriors, written by Coral Busby



Cheyenne Makinia, written by Alyssa Lamberton*



Taryn Olsen, written by Matthew Hart

October OTM Winners


Community Service Program:

Pancakes for Pets, written by Sammy Jackson


Diversity Program:

Hmong Culture with Spring Rolls, written by Laura Johnson


First Year Student:

William Schink, written by Corinne Grossmeier


Institution Faculty/Staff:

Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, written by Stephanie Schoeder



Seven Generations of Native Voices, written by Ben O’Heran


Resident Assistant:

Kelsey McCormick, written by Chloe Miller Hansen


Social Program:

Robert Warren Variety Show, written by Angie Danowski



Vanya Koepke, written by Jeff Willems