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Students choose campus housing for fall 2014

Thomas Fox , Life Writer
April 8, 2014
Filed under Life

It’s that time of year again–  room selection days are coming up fast for students living on campus for the upcoming year.

“We make it a big event, students come and select rooms and apartments based on their priority numbers,” John Gerow, Associate Director for the Office of Residence Life said. Priority numbers are determined by the number of semesters on campus students have completed and how many credited hours they have.

After signing up for on campus housing, students will receive an email containing their priority number. The priority number will range from one through more than 1,200. The higher the priority number, the better the chance of a student’s preferred room and building is available.

For example, if a priority number is 900, and a friend who wants to be a roommate has a priority number of 20, the higher of these priority numbers can be used to choose a room.

In order to pick a room, with preferred roommates, if they’re already committed, all priority number tickets must be printed out and presented on the selection day. As long as all priority numbers are present, only one person needs to show up to choose the room.

But what of thsoe who haven’t signed up for the housing contract yet adn are wondering why they should live on campus?

“Freshmen year is a very pivotal year and living on campus does offer that extra advantage,”  John Gerow, Associate Director for the Office of Residence Life said. “Freshmen definitely adjust more quickly to university life when living on campus, Research shows students are more likely to use campus services, form study groups and generally earn more access to school facilities.”

Gerow said he commuted during two years and he’s spent two years on campus. “It was night and day difference between the experiences that I had, the people that I met and it just kind of catapulted me to a higher level where I got to know a lot of people and had a lot of fun.”

Katelyn Heuser, biology major, recommends on campus housing so students can be more involved.

Seenia Thao, senior, social work major, is an RA on campus who also recommends living on campus.

“It’s a small campus, so if you want to be involved, living on campus helps and it’s fun,” Thao said.

There are four different types of accommodation available for students wanting to live on campus for next semester and onwards. Single rooms in the residence halls, and shared rooms in the residence halls, shared bedroom apartments (trads) and the private bedroom apartments are available.

“The apartments are really close to the campus where I study,” Lauranne Meunier, French transfer student said. “The apartments here are also really good and have everything we need.”

The room selection dates will be taking place on April 16, 17 and 18 in the Kress Events Center. Students should bring their ticket and roommates’ selection tickets in order to select the studen’ts  preferred apartment, space permitting.

All of the rooms are available to look at online in 3D. Go to  for more information on rooms, what they look like, what students should bring and virtually anything else students need to know about on campus living.

“Living on campus is much more convenient, it’s very affordable and the student experience cannot be beaten on campus,” Gerow said. “The people you meet and the things students can participate in can be life changing.”

Those who didn’t apply for housing for the upcoming room selection but still need a room should contact John Gerow at