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A day in Buggs’ life – Custodian makes mark on Union

Shelle Makinia , Contributor
May 6, 2014
Filed under Life

A typical day in the UW-Green Bay University Union is full of cleaning bathrooms, fixing broken machines and picking on anyone in sight. Or at least it is for Buggs.

David Bugni, also known as “Buggs,” is a 60-year-old maintenance man, custodian and the second shift go-to guy whenever things break at the University Union. He has been at the Union for six years.

Buggs likes that the job is stress free and the kids are so easy to get along with.

“Not anyone I’ve met that I can’t get along with,” Buggs said.

Buggs is known for jokingly picking on anyone who comes in his path.

Michael Witzeling, senior math major, has known Buggs for three years through working at the University Ticketing and Information Center.

“I can say that any day where Buggs is around to tease us is a good day,” Witzeling said. “I’ve always enjoyed his particular brand of dry humor.”

Witzeling is one of the many students at UWGB who Buggs has joked with.

Lonique Sharpe, junior human biology major, remembers when she first met Buggs when she started working at A’viands food service two years ago.

Sharpe was working in the Union and saw Buggs on the big blue floor cleaner. She was unsure of which way he was going, therefore she avoided getting in his way to make things easier on him.

“Every time I got close to getting run over he would say, ‘I’m gonna get you,’” Sharpe said.

UWGB Union Custodian Supervisor Jim Fonder has witnessed and been the subject of Buggs’ jokes. Fonder says that not only is Buggs a jokester, but he’s also a good-hearted friend.

Buggs has lived in the Green Bay area his whole life and doesn’t intend on leaving it anytime soon. He sees a connection between himself and the community and likes to give back to society and volunteered as a firefighter for 21 years. Even though he’s retired, Buggs still takes part in fire inspections throughout the community.

“It’s nice knowing I can still give back to the community even though I’m retired,” Buggs said.

Buggs days are occupied by fishing, watching his grandson play hockey and working at the Union anytime he’s needed.

“I like to fish up North, but when something breaks at the Union, I’m the go-to guy to fix it,” Buggs said.

Students and workers will continue to joke with him, and the Union will be in working conditions for years to come thanks to Buggs.