• Green Bay expects decrease in budget

    The city of Green Bay faces a $3 million cut in state aid if Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill is passed. With $1.2 million in savings from reduced state employee benefits, Green Bay will have a $1.8 million deficit.


  • Court overturns previous National Day of Prayer ruling

    A federal appeals court recently overturned a ruling from 2010 declaring a National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.


  • Tough times for UW-Green Bay faculty

    UW-Green Bay faculty paid less than other universities in the nation
    Patricia Terry, associate professor of natural and applied sciences, has seen how faculty members of UW-Green Bay are being sought by academic institutions in other states. Two years ago Terry was offered a faculty position by the University of Southwest Missouri. If she had accepted, it would have been a 23 percent pay increase from her UWGB salary.

  • Registration sticker removal receives mixed reviews

    Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill proposes cutting registration stickers from cars to cut down spending in the state budget.


  • Osama bin Laden killed by American troops

    President Barack Obama confirmed Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces the evening of May 1.