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UWGB brand launch is primed and ready

James Taylor, News Writer
September 25, 2012
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UW-Green Bay will soon unveil its new branding initiative 360° of Learning, which administrators hope will cut through a saturated market and appeal to prospective students.

The new brand will highlight the college experience at UWGB and focus on the positive relationships forged between students and faculty as well as several other key strengths found throughout the university. Administrators hope the new campaign will ultimately lead to greater regional awareness of the high academic standards set at UWGB.

“We believe the 360° of Learning will do a great job of describing our true brand,” said Sue Bodilly, UWGB director of marketing.

“Our research has identified the core strengths that make the UW-Green Bay experience special,” Bodilly said.

Although it will be marketed through traditional channels of TV and radio, the rise of social media and nontraditional marketing techniques has created an opportunity university officials won’t ignore. As tech-savvy teens surf the web, they may come across ads on Google, Facebook or Spotify tagged with UWGB’s new image.

“It’s doing things more creatively,” Bodilly said. “Google and Spotify ads, for instance, can be cost-effective.”

The process of creating a comprehensive marketing campaign alongside a strong brand has been long in the making at UWGB. Chancellor Harden hosted listening and strategic branding sessions soon after arriving on campus in June 2009.

Prior to Chancellor Harden’s arrival, UWGB faculty members had initiated a branding plan which outlined the primary academic strengths and institutional history which should be highlighted during the creation of a new image for UWGB said Bodilly.

Chancellor Harden authored an open letter to UWGB students, faculty and staff regarding the progress of the project in June. The letter summarized reasons an improved marketing and branding campaign is necessary at UWGB. Harden cited increased competition from very strong public and private colleges and universities in the region, as well as for-profit institutions.

“The lack of marketing and message, and the concern is we need to better state our identity,” Harden said.

Based upon guidelines set at the state level, UWGB officials selected the marketing firm BVK of Milwaukee to spearhead the branding process.

“This took time because we wanted to follow the guidelines to the letter of the law,” Bodilly said. “It was an open and fair bidding process.”

Marketing UWGB’s characteristics is important in recruiting traditional and nontraditional students alike. Measuring the success of this effort will depend on whether public awareness of the university’s unique qualities increases.

BVK Senior Vice President Tamalyn Powel said marketing is very necessary and UWGB has a great story to tell which can serve to increase enrollment.

“It’s a wonderful institution where students can receive a quality education at a relatively inexpensive cost,” Powel said.

Photographers from BVK visited UWGB’s campus Sept. 6 and 7 to capture images and video of students, faculty, classrooms and landscapes. They will be used in the branding and marketing initiative. Radio ads have already hit the airwaves while video for TV commercials is currently being filmed in the event that administrators choose to purchase air time Powell said.

The official launch party for UWGB’s new brand will take place in late October. Students and faculty interested in sharing a 360° experience can contact the UWGB Marketing and University Communication office.

“We hope that current faculty, staff and students start to see themselves in the 360° experience and share their stories with us,” Bodilly said. “We truly believe that this is a very special place that provides a deeper college experience and preparation than other schools.”