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Bauer wins UW System diversity award

Nicole Penke, News Writer
February 13, 2013
Filed under News

UW-Green Bay Professor Angela Bauer was honored as a 2013 recipient of the UW System Board of Regents Diversity Award, in the individual category Feb. 8 in Madison.

According to The Board of Regents website, “The Board of Regents makes up to three awards annually of $5,000 each to recognize institutional change agents that foster access and success for historically underrepresented populations. The awards are made to individuals, teams, or units from UW System institutions. The program began in 2009. The Regents Diversity Awards are administered by the system wide Office of Academic Diversity and Development.”

Bauer, human biology professor and special assistant to the Provost, was honored for founding the Targeted Opportunities for Success in the Sciences in 2009.

In the past, Bauer found the students with equal ACT test scores had an academic achievement gap in the classrooms.

Shawn Robinson, multicultural advisor, collaborated with Bauer to start the 2009 TOSS, connecting to the students in the program. Robinson said Bauer is dedicated to helping her students.

“Dr. Bauer is a tremendous asset to campus and the community,” Robinson said. “The leadership she brings to her teaching and scholarship and her service is tremendous. I haven’t met a professor as dedicated to her specific discipline or even reaching out of her specific discipline to help students, particularly, students who might be first generation students underrepresented in the field of sciences, women and minorities.”

While the TOSS program started as a much smaller pilot program, Bauer said it has grown into a bigger program today.

“TOSS is a positive, affirmative way for students to engage more deeply in the material that is presented in the class and create community,” Bauer said, “When all is said and done, it sends the message that you belong.”

Through the TOSS program, Bauer helped close the academic achievement gap in UWGB Introduction to Human Biology courses by providing more opportunities to the students.

Bauer said the workshops had tech aid, hands on opportunities, games connected to the course work and other tools aimed at creating an internment.

According to Bauer, the overall grade point averages of the students in the TOSS program have increased since the program started in 2009, leaving no more academic achievement gap.

“We connect with the students through word of mouth, email and students who have benefited from the TOSS workshops,” Robinson said. “Friends will tell their friends. The teacher assistance in the TOSS workshops will make announcements in their class too. The students see the interaction in the workshop and it motivates the students.”

Bauer said the TOSS program is open to all students and hopes to use it in other departments someday.

“The greatest part about the UW System Board of Regents Diversity Award is the ability to draw attention to the model,” Bauer said. “It gets potential opportunities to implement the model in other courses. We want everyone to succeed and we think they can succeed. TOSS allows students to make personal connections with their classmates, teaching assistants and also with faculty.”