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SGA announces campus election results

Michael Duenkel, News Writer
April 24, 2013
Filed under News

Student government announced unofficial election results naming the winners of the two contested seats for Residence Hall Apartment Association president and vice presdient April 17.

Tony Hinkel and Jimmy Honrath won RHAA president and vice president seats, respectively. Heba Mohammad maintained her position as student government president and Morgan-Alan Mason was chosen as vice president.

Candidates running for the RHAA seats debated April 11 in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall. Sammi Stelzl and Nicole Musial ran for RHAA president and vice president respectively. Debating them were Hinkel and Honrath.

Both RHAA presidential candidates agreed a large focus of RHAA should be programming.

Anthony Hinkel, UWGB senior English major, campaigned on the platform of getting students more involved on campus.

“I’m really looking toward making RHAA into a more visible entity around campus,” Hinkel said. “Right now people know about RHAA but don’t always know what they do.”

About 2,000 UWGB students currently live in campus housing, and RHAA represents the opinions of those residents. Seventy-five percent of new freshman live on campus.

Stelzl, junior English major, campaigned on the platform of making sure students feel safe living on campus, as well as promoting housing community communication between students living on campus and RHAA.

Stelzl said RHAA members work directly with the director of housing about any policy issues that are brought to their attention. Each building has at least one voting member who shares their concerns or opinions.

While the RHAA positions were contested, the SGA president seat was not.

Mohammad, junior history and political science major, ran unopposed for a second term as SGA president.

Campaigning for the continued effort to offer an on-campus childcare center and to become more visible to the student body, Mohammad said it’s important for students to know that SGA’s purpose is to serve students in the best way possible.

“It’s a rewarding experience when I get to work with students, faculty and staff who are committed to changing the university for the betterment of the students,” Mohammad said. “I decided to run for re-election because there’s a lot of unfinished business left to take care of in student government and the university as a whole.”

Mohammad said SGA serves many purposes, primarily focusing on projects presented by students.

“SGA does for students whatever they ask us to do,” Mohammad said. “Our student senate can have up to 35 members whose voices guide the projects we do in SGA. We want students to understand that and come to us more often with their ideas. The more ideas we have, the more we can do for students, and in the end that’s what student government should be about.”

But not all students on campus stay up to date on SGA activities. Zachary McLees, UWGB junior biology major, said he doesn’t follow SGA much, but he thinks the organization is important.

“While I don’t partake in many student activities or organizations on campus, I believe many people do,” McLees said. “I also believe, while not directly, I am affected by the choices the student government makes.”

Alex Moeller, senior Spanish major, believes voting in the election is an important way to have her voice heard. Moeller planned on voting because she believed it was an opportunity and a responsibility.

“Student government is not only a great source for students to get involved on campus and have an impact on UWGB, but it is a chance for students in general to have a voice and be represented,” Moeller said. “This is something that cannot be taken for granted.”

Positions as student senators for the upcoming school year were uncontested. Those running unopposed included Anna Goelz, Chloe Miller Hansen, Megan Leonard, Taryn Oleson, Nicholas Toyne and Kyle Zellner.