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UWGB brings hot tubs to campus

Jared Christman, Off the Wall Editor
October 30, 2012
Filed under Off the Wall

The UW-Green Bay Student Services rooftop patio is set to receive a major makeover when construction on the space is completed

The space, located between the University Union, Theatre Hall and the Cofrin Library, has been under construction since earlier in the year. Plans to remodel the patio have been in the works for more than two years. While the estimated completion date of the project aimed for August 2012, new plans have delayed the completion.

“We’ve been looking to do something with the space for years,” said Michael Stearney, dean of enrollment services. “It’s a nice, central space on campus, but when it appeared that the new plans were going to be too similar to the old design, we decided that we needed to shake things up a little.”

According to Stearney, the space, which has not been remodeled since its creation in 1973, will now host anywhere from seven to nine hot tubs for student use.

“It’s a different school now compared to when we first built the patio space,” said Stearney. “This is the Jersey Shore generation. Kids don’t want more places to sit and study. They want places to hang out and GTL.”

Brenda Amenson-Hill, dean of students, said the hot tubs are not the only addition that will gentrify the campus.

“After we took a look at what the Student Services rooftop will do for the campus, we decided that we want this new image to reflect other parts of campus as well,” Amenson-Hill said.

Amenson-Hill said that UWGB is redesigning plans for a new space between the Union and the residence halls.

“We were originally going to turn the wooded area into a park-like space,” Amenson-Hill said. “But after thinking about it, we will be building a tanning salon to go in its place.”

Amenson-Hill said due to Green Bay’s often-frigid temperatures and lack of quality tanning salons, building one on campus was an easy decision.

Marissa Luggar, sophomore Malaysian history major, said the new additions are great ideas.

“That sounds totes awes,” Luggar said.  “But honestly, I’m just relieved that me and my girlies don’t have to keep breaking into the backyard of the elderly couple who live like two miles north of campus and using their hot tub.”

Freshman Nikki Chatski, undecided, agrees with Luggar.

“Hot tubs on campus is like the best idea I have ever heard,” Chatski said. “Now all I need is a fine guido boyfriend to go in them with.”

According to Stearney, the hot tubs will be installed and ready for use by January 2013.