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Michael Bay to make ‘My Little Pony’ movie: Bronies aim to halt production with online petition

Chris Pamperin, Assistant Copy Editor
November 7, 2012
Filed under Off the Wall

With Michael Bay’s plan to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles currently shelved, he is turning his attention to another toy-related franchise–My Little Pony.

According to a recent report on TMZ, Bay plans to create his version based on the popular toys for young girls.  The version will be inspired by the new show, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

“When I heard how popular the show is, I couldn’t believe it,” Bay allegedly said.  “After watching one episode, I was immediately hooked.  I have officially become a brony.”

However, other bronies—bros who watch “My Little Pony”—are in uproar following Bay’s announcement.

Immediately after news of Bay’s plans leaked, fans rushed to the Internet to complain about it.  Some fear that Bay will ruin the main characters, as well as the charm and likability of the show, like he did with the Transformers films.

Others have circulated an online petition to Hasbro to stop Bay from going forward with the project.  As of Nov. 6, the petition has gathered 65,043 signatures.

Among those who signed the petition is UW-Green Bay student Michael Witzeling, senior mathematics major and hardcore brony.

“I hope Hasbro comes to its senses, does the right thing and stops Bay from ruining such a great cartoon,” Witzeling said.  “Bay may have ruined Transformers, but not My Little Pony.”

Bay didn’t say when he would start shooting the movie.  He also didn’t explain whether it would be computer-generated, or whether the film would be a series, similar to the Transformers films.  However, he has already written some possible story ideas, if adapted for the big screen, using the characters from the recent show.

Bay also said he offered his story ideas to the show’s creator, Lauren Faust.  He said she enjoyed some of his ideas and would be excited to see the show on the big screen.

If Bay is successful in adapting the show, he wants to accomplish one thing the new show has neglected: give the purple-and-green dragon, Spike, more screen time and purpose.

“I’ve always loved dragons, and Spike is my favorite character,” Bay said.  “It’s too bad the show doesn’t feature him a lot in comparison to the other characters.  Heck, even in episodes about him, the ponies steal the show.”

The report also says Bay has contemplated spinning Spike off into his own series of films, voiced by Bruce Willis.

So far, neither Bay nor his production company has confirmed the details in the report as true.