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Political science student plans on attending classes

Bernice Richmond, Off the Wall Writer
February 6, 2013
Filed under Off the Wall

Thomas Johnson, undeclared freshman, said he plans on attending every single one of his political science classes this spring semester.

Last semester, Johnson frequently skipped his 8 a.m. biology lecture to sleep longer.

“It’ll be different this semester,” Johnson said. “This semester I have classes later in the day.”

Last semester Johnson also frequently missed his Intro to Acting class in order to watch “Modern Family.”

“I’m not as into TV as I was last semester,” Johnson said. “Over winter break I was working and I hardly ever watched it.”

According to Johnson, the syllabus to his Intro to Political Science class states students, though expected to regularly attend class, will not be penalized for skipping.

However, he insists that this will not keep him from attending the class, which meets Mondays, Wendsdays and Fridays in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall.

“Last semester I did really poorly on my tests,” Johnson said. “I think that’s because I slept in too many days.”

Johnson recognizes attending class is important. The 19-year-old reportedly skipped 34 hours of class last semester.

“It’s not a huge deal,” Johnson said. “If I skipped 50 hours, then I’d say there was a problem. 34 is nothing.”

Johnson’s roommate, Clark Rigby, is a freshman English major. He skipped 64 hours of class last semester. Rigby claims anyone forced to listen to a professor talk about the importance behind costumes in “The Taming of the Shrew” for three weeks would skip class.

“We get it. Kate hates Petruchio because he can’t dress himself,” Johnson said. “Let me go back to my dorm and watch ‘Duck Dynasty.’”

Johnson admits not everyone is perfect.

“I mean, sometimes you can’t help it,” Johnson said. “You stay up all night playing “Call of Duty” and suddenly it’s noon and you’re already five minutes late.”