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Students reconnect after winter break

Monica Nook, Off the Wall Writer
February 20, 2013
Filed under Off the Wall

The social lives of college students are detrimently affected by breaks. Studies report that students long for campus friendships during break periods in spring and winter.

A few weeks into the spring semester after a monthlong winter break, and the evidence speaks for itself. Friends are reconnecting.

Cell phones are buzzing. Laptops are beeping. Fingers are tapping ferociously on keyboards and touch screens. Friends are happy to have reunited at college once again.

“It’s really difficult to keep in touch with your friends over break,” said Stephanie Bader,  senior education major at UW—Green Bay. “Most students work dawn to dusk through break. Time away from school is dedicated to work. But once class starts back again, we have more free time to speak with friends.”

Bader holds up her iPhone 4 with a large grin. “While my professors are rambling on about geometry and biology, I have the time to text my friends below my desk. It’s great. Lectures provide hours a week when I am now available to catch up with the things that really matter.”

Bader’s statement is defended by what is seen in class — cell phones under desks, behind open textbooks and inside purses. Students always have something to talk about while their professors are lecturing.

Once class is out, the halls are swarmed with students.  They all walk heads down as they text away on their smartphones, oblivious to obstacles in their path.

Laptops are the other big channel students use to reconnect with their friends after break.

“I’m so glad to be back at school,” said Jonathon Grove, undeclared sophomore. “I missed my friends so much.”

“Over break I was stuck at home with my family, and my parents don’t even have Internet.  But here on campus, there is free WiFi available in the buildings and in my dorm room. So between classes, I can go back to my room and log on to Facebook. I have the ability to just message my friends and see how they are doing.”

Grove pats his silver Mac Book Pro as he smiles. “It’s amazing how college can really bring friends together.”

It’s true.