• Politicians spend $44 million on recallsWisconsin lawmakers have been in some hot water this past year.  First, the controversial Budget Repair Bill, which stripped most unions of their collective bargaining rights and sent protesters flocking to the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison in droves.  Then, the recall elections which took place this summer for nine Wisconsin senators.  But there is one thing our lawmakers will never need to worry about–their bank accounts.
  • Netflix changes strategy, adds separate companyWith 272,066,000 users on the Internet in North America alone, no wonder Netflix has decided that streaming videos is the future of its business. While picking up a DVD to watch is still common, who can imagine stopping by the local video store to rent a VHS? According to internetworldstats.com, an online database for Internet statistics, in 2008, the last truckload of VHS tapes in the USA left the factory and by 2018, DVDs will have gone the same way.
  • Campus wireless causes reactionThere’s nothing more exciting than waking up to a bright, beautiful morning, turning on your laptop to dropbox that paper you nearly developed carpal tunnel creating the night before, when you click and discover the Internet is down. Such a realization hardly registers as a surprise actually, considering its steady reoccurrence so far this semester.
  • Richest Americans should be taxed more than middle classLeaders have asked for shared sacrifice in the tough economic times that U.S. has been facing. Yet somehow, the richest 1 percent of the U.S. population pays, on average, considerably less than a working American with a lower income.