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Our government pretends it doesn’t know the enemy

Erik Dorn, Opinion Writer
May 8, 2013
Filed under Opinion

Purchasing a pressure cooker, a package of nails and some ball bearings wouldn’t have set off any alarms prior to the Boston Marathon bombings. In a new age of terror, profiling may be the only way to stop future attacks.

According to CNN, the bombing has been described as another wake-up call and the Office of Bombing Prevention requested a $1.9 billion budget for 2013. If the budget is increased so state and local law enforcement can be trained to prevent bombings, it will in turn lower the possibility of future attacks. The problem with this is who would have thought someone would use a pressure cooker filled with nails and ball bearings?

I haven’t had to endure the experience of being profiled and I am sure it would be frustrating. If there were a string of attacks on Americans by giant, Christian, Caucasian males who vaguely resemble Vince Vaughn, I would understand if I raised flags when at the airport.

According to a record compiled by John Mueller at the Ohio State University, there have been more than 50 attacks on Americans by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. This book, called “Terrorism Since 9/11 The American Cases” is comprised of studies of all the cases that have come to light of Islamic extremist terrorism, whether based in the United States or abroad, in which the United States itself has been targeted.

I’m not saying an individual’s skin color or other features should be targeted since having darker skin doesn’t make you a Muslim. However, those who follow the ways of Islam chose to. It wasn’t forced upon them, and they follow freely. Obviously not all those who believe in Islam are terrorists.

Something I never understood was how come our government can profile individuals for the use of programs like affirmative action, but can’t profile individuals when it comes to national security. Maybe the government can only profile when it aids that particular group instead of protecting the country as a whole.

In 1944, the Supreme Court ruled there was only one valid exception to race-neutral policies – when national security demands it. As the Court stated in Korematsu v. United States,

“Pressing public necessity may sometimes justify the existence of [racial profiling]; racial antagonism never can.”

Back in 1944 the government knew who our enemy was. They were the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor. In today’s case there is no racial identifier of who a terrorist is. Racial profiling would not work in the war against terror, but religious profiling may prove to be necessary when attempting to win this war on terrorism.

Imagine how unintelligent it would be to fight a war against the IRA and then refuse to profile the Irish? A country cannot fight and win a war if it pretends that it doesn’t know who its enemy is. If Britain had to pretend the IRA was not Irish or that the PLO was not Arab, many innocent civilians would have been harmed because the government didn’t stop the terrorist attacks.

The government knows who the enemy is in today’s war. Most of them are from the Middle East and have used the religion of Islam to indoctrinate hate for Americans. If we cannot profile because of race, then when an individual makes a choice such as becoming a follower of Islam, that individual should be profiled.

Our nation is so concerned with being politically correct and not offending anyone that our government has put the safety of its citizens in jeopardy. In order for our nation to effectively take a stand against future terrorist attacks, profiling is the only way to ensure or at least increase the safety of Americans.