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Implant surgery offers beards to the beardless

Jonathan Lesniak, Opinion Writer
April 8, 2014
Filed under Opinion

Balding can be a troublesome thought for aging men, but in an age where popular culture has taken a glorified interest in facial hair, many men are now concerned about their hairless faces.

According to Chris Boyette of CNN, men with the inability to grow a thick beard are turning to hair transplant surgery which can run up to $10,000.

Dr. Steven Gabel, who is the acting host of the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championship, said doctors take hair strands with follicles from the back of the head toward the bottom and insert them in the desired spot on the front of the face, according to Boyette.

Within our society, many male public figures and sex icons like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have used facial hair to help define them and reinvent their sex appeal. These men make women go crazy.

Along with this, social occurrences such as No Shave November or Mustache March are becoming iconic events and it’s understandable why men are looking to improve their facial fur.

Although the price of this procedure may cost a hefty penny, the cause is greater than the price. By undergoing this procedure, men will have the opportunity to be more satisfied and comfortable with their appearance, making them more confident in themselves and feeling more socially acceptable.

According to a survey done by the hair care product company Tresemme, the average woman spends a stunning $50,000 on her hair over a lifetime, Huffington Post writer Deborah Dunham said. Ten thousand dollars for a nice beard doesn’t seem too bad now.

For those men who struggle to grow facial hair, this implant procedure is a great option. Not only will it allow them to gain confidence, but it also has the possibility for an endless variety of styles, such as the chin curtain or the side whiskers, which alone could create a great amount of entertainment and conversation pieces.