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Republicans fight reforms all around

Bobby joe magers jr. , Opinion Writer
November 14, 2013
Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

Racism is inherent within the political infrastructure of the United States. The U.S. was founded on it and being American means citizens accept historically blatant racism as part of our culture.

Being affiliated with the Republican party means people promote racism and disguise it as doing the right thing for the American people.

Recently, Republican Rep. Steve Nass of Whitewater, Wis., pushed a bill through the Wisconsin Senate that would make it harder for Native Americans to call for high schools to change their Indian-themed mascots, The Capital Times writer Jessica Vanegeren said.

The new bill shifts the burden of proof on the offended party and requires them to provide a petition that shows 10 percent of the student body finds the mascot offensive, Vanegeren said.

No longer do Native Americans have a say at what offends them. It’s now left up to the white people who like the Indian name to agree it offends Native Americans.

During the hearing to pass the bill, tempers flared and accusations of racism emerged, according to Vanegeren.

“‘There’s an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed directly. The elephant in the room is white Republican racism,’ said Harvey Gunderson, who has fought to have the Osseo-Fairchild Indian mascot and other districts’ logos changed for years,” according to Vanegeren.

Republicans at the federal level also use politics to push their racist agenda. The new tactic focuses on the never ending debate over immigration reform.

Republicans rely on their constituents’ short memories and party loyalty to get away with their blatant attack on minorities. By attaching fearful rhetoric to ongoing political issues, the party leaders scare their followers into thinking the brown man is to blame for everything. Sound familiar?

For instance, many Republican politicians want to feed their constituents general racist attitudes by claiming illegal immigration puts a huge dent in our economy.

“Undocumented workers, some suggest, undercut wages and take jobs that would otherwise go to Americans,” said Adam Davison of The New York Times. “Worse, the argument goes, many use social programs, like hospitals and schools that cost taxpayers and add to our $16 trillion national debt.”

These claims are not altogether true. In fact, illegal immigrants do pay taxes on their income.

A 2008 report issued by the IRS seems to suggest illegal immigrants pay substantial amounts of their earned income into the U.S. economy, according to Associated Press writer Travis Loller.

“The latest figures available indicate it will amount to billions of dollars in federal income,” Loller said.

Many illegal immigrants will pay into social security and medicare even though, because of their undocumented status and fear of deportation, they choose not to collect from any of these programs, Loller said.

So why is reform such a hot-item political issue if the average illegal immigrant contributes to the economy?

It all has to do with gaining political power in Washington D.C. so the Republican machine can push their racist ideology on the American people.  That’s right, illegal immigration reform is only about votes, not about the average American citizen that actually works, contributes and pays into the economy.

Laura Ingraham, a Conservative radio host, is trying to prevent talks on reforms between the Senate and House by pressuring Republicans to prevent creating a bill that could lead immigrants to citizenship, said Huffington Post writer Jared Gilmour.

“‘It’s a political death wish to push for this immigration reform,’ Ingraham told Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) on Monday after the congresswoman did not outright commit to rejecting a conference committee,” according to Gilmour. “Ingraham added that providing a path to citizenship would only enlarge the liberal-leaning electorate, telling Blackburn that ‘you guys are going to give Obama exactly what he needs, and Hillary in 2016.’”

It’s all about votes. What happened to serving the public, helping humankind or representing voters?

Republicans continue to alienate themselves with their racist message. Here they say they don’t want to support or help the illegal immigrant provide a better life for their families with any groundbreaking laws, bills or rule changes, because they don’t like them.

Since most non-whites understand the Republican machine is totally anti-minority, their potential to vote any party other than Democrat seems far-fetched.

The Republicans know this.

Instead of helping these human beings become citizens and participate in the greatest democracy ever born, the Republicans decide to further alienate immigrants to prevent them from voting in hopes that they will win back the White House and further their country-dividing politics.

Historically the tide has turned. In early America, the Democratic party was organized by the racist plantation owners in response to protecting their lavish lifestyles and wealth derived from slave labor.

Now the Republicans have reignited the racist animosity between Americans and are perpetuating a racial divide among the American people to further their own political agenda.

The Republicans promote this ideal with the agendas, bills and laws they support that encourage one-language rules, voting laws that prevent minorities from getting to the polls and blatant hate, like Nass and his bill concerning Indian mascots.

These elected officials want to give the impression these rules are for the good of the country and will solve all of the economic problems. This is not the case in this situation.

Republicans know they have a bill to pay in 2016. As hateful and unproductive as they have been during Obama’s tenure as President, including a shutdown that cost the country billions, they have lost many white and non-white followers. The only way to possibly win the White House in 2016, and the billions of dollars in lobbyist and special-interest money that comes along with it, is to keep smart people from voting.

Congratulations Republicans on keeping the real American dream alive: racism.